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Simple Green Meals

Simple Green Meals is all about eating more plants...however and whenever you can. With tips on meal prep, shopping advice and 100+ plant-based recipes from quinoa corn muffins to veggie enchilada stacks and cauliflower buffalo wings, you’ll gain a new appreciation for fresh, veggie forward recipes for your body and your mind.

Published by Rodale/Random House

Customer Reviews

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Easy, fun, and nourishing recipes. Just what the doctor ordered.

I always love Jen's recipes but this book is above and beyond! So many great ideas. As a naturopathic physician I tend to recommend higher protein dishes for my patients (and we eat this way as well.) These recipes are still perfect for us as we can just add an extra protein side or pop some on top.

Everything we've tried was quick, easy, kid and parent friendly, and absolutely delicious. I even picked up some extra copies for the office!

Marilynn S. Hession
Real Food that RAWKS!!!!

I LOOOOOOOVE my new recipe book! The pictures are gorgeous, the food is not only way beyond's totally healthy too! You can't go wrong with these recipes and this lifestyle. Thank you, thank you....did I say thank you? Jen, for all your hard work in putting this together and doing it so beautifully!

Joe Mcmahon
Lifestyle Transformation

I keep both of the Simple Green books on display and ready to use 'everyday'! All of the recipes are easy to follow and absolutely delicious! Jen even provides weekly menus and shopping lists to show how to be prepared and not miss out on the full benefits of plant based meals. I've been a fan for about two years and don't plan to stop. Enjoy!

Moira Guthrie
Mostly vegan/veganizable, all delicious.

I was so excited to get this cookbook and flipping through it did not disappoint. I especially appreciated how Jen took the time to advise how to make most of the non-vegan items vegan as well. There are also ways to make many of the recipes but-free as well, for people who may need to do so. Fresh colorful food is now more accessible than before. SGS cookbooks and cleanses are always amazing and flavorful and I can't wait to try everything in this cookbook. I think we are going to try the Tex Mex Breakfast Bowl first! Our maybe the Thai Lettuce Wraps! Too many choices!

Carolyn Oates (West Bend, US)
Tasty plant based cooking

Giving this cookbook for Christmas presents this year. Wonderful plant based recipes too good not to share!

Robert Blacker (Boulder, US)
Simple Green Meals

Great book loaded with fun, tasty, unique recipes. A must have staple for your food book collection !👏

Eva McGuire (Richmond, US)
Quick and healthy

“Simple Green Meals” is full of quick, easy and healthy recipes. If you are new to plant based cooking, you will find basic information as well as helpful tips.
There are recipes for every taste ranging from smoothies, teas, breakfast, entrees, sides, soups, salads, snacks and even desserts. It is beautifully illustrated and even includes a 4 week meal plan. This is a great addition to any cookbook collection.

Denny (Vancouver, US)
Still Simple Still Green

Nice seasonally categorized options for eating green.

Kathi Abenchchan (Council Bluffs, US)

Good taste!

Aimee Cornelia (Athens, US)
Makes it Easy to Be Good to Yourself

I think food is medicine and what I eat plays a major part in how I feel. That being said, when you have 24 hours in a day, some days something has to give and sometimes that's spending time figuring out how to cleanly fuel my body. Simple Green Meals recipes and meal plans makes that problem a little less frequent with easy to follow, simple and healthful recipes. When it's just as easy to whip up a hearty soup as it is to figure out what to order from a take-out menu, why wouldn't you? We all need a little help to be the best we can be and this cookbook certainly has found a place in my selfcare tool belt!