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Fresh Start: A 21-Day Cleanse

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  • Reset cravings, lose weight and gain energy with a plant-based whole foods protocol for 21 days. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling trapped in a body holding you back from living your best life. Now is your fresh start!

Customer Reviews

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I enjoyed doing this cleanse with great recipes and supportive Facebook community! I lost 10 pounds, but more importantly I made some long-lasting good eating habits .

Great reset!

I want to eat this way forever! Really appreciated the meal planning and shopping list. Love that it's detail oriented, thorough. Loved the coaching calls and support.

Feeling like a Rawkstar!

I was really skeptical about how I was going to be able to handle a plant-based diet (so love chips, cookies, and ice cream)….but the entire experience has been amazing! I more than doubled some of the dinner recipes so that my husband and our two daughters could enjoy eating some of the meals with me. Overall, the 21-day cleanse has been the best choice I ever made for myself and my family. I am going to continue to incorporate healthy plant-based meals into our daily eating habits. I feel so much better eating fresh plant-based food! It truly has made a huge difference in my overall well being. Don’t be afraid to become a RAWKSTAR!!! You won’t regret your decision…the recipes are amazing!!!


Eat good, feel great

Great Program and Book!

Encouraging, uplifting, easy to follow, wonderful information and up to date.

First Timer

The 21 day cleanse did wonders for me. I feel better, my bowls are regular- constantly. And my skin is glowing! I did not lose as much weight (only 4 pounds) as I thought I would; I have a very slow metabolism and have lived with chronic constipation my whole life, and so I expected more to be “released”. I think I’m gonna give it a another try.

Cleansing with Mom

I bought this cleanse to do with my Mom. We had our moments that we wanted to give up but overall we liked their cleanse. The recipes are really yummy and I love that every meal and snack is spelled out for you. The shopping lists and prep guide were helpful. I already eat pretty healthy and love all kinds of vegetables but I was surprised by all the new ways to love them! Thank you!

Labor of Love

"Food was a labor of love you felt by cooking it and eating it." George Tillman Jr. This quote expresses my experience with the 21-day cleanse. It requires effort, thought, planning, organization, perseverance and an open mind. It has changed my view of being in the kitchen as well as my thoughts about cooking and preparing food. Both my mind and body have been transformed for the better. I enjoy the challenge immensely, and I am fortunate to have the support of my family. They did not participate but they tasted some of the meals. I am following the plan in its entirety and it's a true labor of love for myself. Thank you!

Rawkin’ Rawkster

The recipes are delicious. Liked having two meals for the dinner/lunch recipes. Liked the all-inclusive grocery shopping list. Loved that my husband joined me for the entire cleanse. We love the results…..more energy, sleeping better, weight loss, introduction to plant based meals, weekly calls, FB and sharing ideas. We will do it again and will definitely incorporate these recipes into our weekly meals. Thank you Jen and Amanda! You RAWK!

First time cleanse

This is my first time doing a cleanse and I am absolutely enjoying the process. The recipes are delicious. I am at the beginning of week 2 but looking forward to the other days. There is lots of food, lots of flexibility and a lot of support.