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Fresh Start: A 21-Day Cleanse

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  • Reset cravings, lose weight and gain energy with a plant-based whole foods protocol for 21 days. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling trapped in a body holding you back from living your best life. Now is your fresh start!

Customer Reviews

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Eyes (and mouth) wide open

This cleanse was a great experience for me. I learned to prepare vegetables in ways I never thought of before and really enjoyed the new combinations. I liked the fact that everything was planned out from day to day meals, grocery lists, and prep work suggestions while also allowing for flexibility within each week. I feel having an exact plan makes this easier to follow and the flexibility of moving meals around or doubling up on a meal you like keeps you more motivated to stay with it. Would 100% do it again!


This cleanse should get a 10-star review! I loved not having to worry about any meal planning for 3 weeks. The idea of simply "following the plan" really worked for me. Thanks to Jen and everyone else who helped put this together. You all rock!!!!

Great meals/recipes

I loved this cleanse and the recipes. I’m always trying to find new vegetarian meals for my daughter and a lot of the meals on this plan were outstanding. I just went in for a blood draw today for a full lipid panel. Curious to see how this affected my numbers!

Just What I Needed

This cleanse was just what I needed! I got back to the simplicity of whole foods and the significant impact they have on my health and feeling of vitality. Thank you so much or the recipes, support and ideas when the struggles were real. I feel reset and ready to explore more options of healthy eating to support a life I love waking up to. Thank you again. I am completely grateful. ~Janae

Fresh Start 21 Day spring cleanse

This cleanse is just what I needed! I gained 15 pounds over the fall/winter and was feeling heavy and lethargic. Post-cleanse, I have a jump start on losing that extra weight and feel more like myself. I have been trying to incorporate more meatless days into my diet, but I found myself relying too much on cheese in my recipes. This cleanse has proved to me that I can easily add tasty, satisfying, plant-based meals into my regular diet. I can't wait to repeat my favorite cleanse recipes and explore additional recipes from Simple Green Meals.

Nice products and great service.

Smoothies taste great!

Who knew veggies were sooo good?!?!

I am forever a Jen Hansard fan! She’s created the most delicious, most organized, and most complete cleanse ever. The recipes are absolutely scrumptious! The shopping lists and meal plans make it a no-brainer for those of us who have no idea where to start when trying to eat a healthy plant-based diet. The motivation from both Jen and her staff are so helpful and encouraging...I was talking most to Kathleen...who is now my bestie! This was truly a life changing event for me and I will forever be grateful. I lost 10 lbs and intend to keep going. Thank you, Jen!

Surprisingly easy to follow!

I went back-and-forth on the decision to even purchase the cleanse program in the first place because I, honestly, didn't think I'd have the willpower to complete the 21 days. I figured I'd most likely be wasting my money, but, in the end, I decided to give it a shot anyway. Much to my surprise, I found it super-easy to stick to! While there were a couple of recipes that were just OK to me, almost everything tasted surprisingly good and was very filling. It does require A LOT of time in the kitchen to prep and cook everything, at least compared to what I was used to. Prior to the cleanse, the extent of my cooking was making one large batch of something on Sundays that I’d have as my lunch for the whole workweek. Generally, I was ordering dinner out (or having the leftovers) every day, and I certainly wasn’t making the healthiest choices. Having to cook every day on this cleanse was totally new to me, and while it isn’t something I’m willing to keep up post-cleanse, I’m still hoping to continue making some of the meals from the cleanse. I’m looking forward to continuing to have green smoothies every morning, and there are plenty of the recipes from this cleanse I’d like to have regularly. Instead of cooking every day, I will make larger batches of some of these recipes to have over a couple of days. I would highly recommend this cleanse to others who need to kick-start healthier eating habits, especially during one of the community events. The community group was a huge help to me. The members of the community provided great tips on modifying some of the meals to better suit different tastes, and it was motivating to see other people on the same journey. I look forward to, hopefully, continuing with healthier eating habits and participating in other seasonal cleanses in the future.

21 Day Cleanse

I have never done meal prep or cooked like this in my life but I made the commitment to do this 21 day planted based (vegan) cleanse. I stayed on the plan although I repeated some meals and did not get to all the recipes. I ended up losing 9 lbs in 21 days and in general feel better. There were meals, smoothies and snacks that I loved and some that I didn't. I think I am more proud of actually doing this cooking and planning for the week. The shopping list, recipes and meal plan were easy to follow but do take a lot of time. I have ordered the other cookbooks and I will be continuing this way of eating and staying healthy. Thanks to the team for all the advice and group coaching zoom calls. I will definitely sign up for another challenge!

21 Days of Clean Fresh Goodness

I can't say enough about this plan. When I started it, I was a week late from when others started but determined to finish strong. It has been the most natural way of eating. The recipes are easy to fix and really delicious. I feel good while I've also lost weight. And I want to continue past 21 days in making it the way I eat from now on. Thank you for doing the work and putting out a marvelous way to eat!