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Autumn Cleanse

I'm shocked with the results! I lost 9 lbs in 2 weeks. I've felt satisfied and never hungry. The shopping and food prep time is intense, but if it weren't for that, I'd eat this way all the time because of how great I feel.— Meredith V.

Reset cravings, lose weight and gain energy with a plant-based whole foods protocol for 21 days. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling trapped in a body holding you back from living your best life. Now is your fresh start!

21-Day Cleanse Kit:

  • 3 weekly nutrition plans
  • 62 plant-based whole foods recipes
  • weekly shopping lists
  • prep guides
  • Live cleanse event: Oct 24-Nov 13

Upgrade to our 1-Year Maintenance Program: 400 bonus recipes, weekly meal plans, 24/7 support group, pop-up challenges, seasonal cleanse events and at-home full body fitness program.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 268 reviews
Krista Ginter (Winnipeg, CA)
Plants rock!

This is my second 21-day cleanse. Since I am a big fan of nuts and seeds, there are so many recipes right up my alley! The green smoothies are a quick way to get in your greens for the day and the snacks are delicious. I was never hungry and I look forward to eating more plant-based meals in the future. Thanks Jen and team! 🥦💚

S.B. (Franklin, US)
A New Lease On Life

I’m not sure how I found the Soup Challenge (glad I did) but it helped me to join the 21 Day Challenge. Due to work I wasn’t able to do it fully but I’d has given me the chance to reevaluate how I want to live my life healthier and more plant based. I would recommend it to anyone! Rawk On!

Erin (Brooksville, US)
Life-changing way to eat + live

I did my first cleanse in 2013 and it was rough! I'd never done anything like this and am a slightly picky eater... so most of the food was new to me. Yet 8 years later, I look forward to doing this cleanse more and more each year. Sometimes I do the whole plan for 21 days, sometimes I lighten it up by doing smoothies + snacks then eating a healthier yet not full cleanse dinner... you really can make it work for you. This cleanse has helped me out of emotional slumps, start postpartum weight loss, resolve my acne issues and just gives me a good reset when I need it. I've learned what I love and how to thrive during this cleanse with all my fave recipes. It is seriously life-changing... I definitely don't eat the same way in general than I did 8 years ago and smoothies + cleanses are the reason why! I crave healthy meals and snacks now.

Tina (PTA) Finks (Dallas, US)
Finally found the eat style that suits my life style!

In May of 2021, it was determined emergency surgery was needed to remove what appeared to be a bowel obstruction, resulting in the removal of a tumor and 10 inches of the lower intestine. Intro to this I have been in and out of the emergency room for 18months with what was thought to be IBS resulting in constant nonstop indigestion, heartburn, severe abdominal pain, and an inability to lead an active life, and my only relief was a morphine drip.

Once my surgery was done, I was so relieved, and I thought all my symptoms would go away, but they did not. For the first time in my life, I said *f*it - I ate and drank whatever I wanted, chewed antacids like candy daily, and my weight ballooned, my mood darkened, and general unhappiest.

Six months later heading back to my 20 year yoga practice and teacher training, I was determined to find something authentic and marry practice what you preach. Along came the 21day cleanse, and thought what the hell, on with the show.

First three days where unbearably hard and I put myself to bed at 7pm every night,
Chopping and cooking were ridiculously, but I survived and enlisted whole foods and a perfect friend to help me prep and cook!
My weight was stubborn, and refused to move the scale; however, my bloating in my stomach went down considerably, encouraging me to stay the course,
I have not taken any medications regarding my IBS, zero heartburn, indigestion, or stomach disharmony (except for vegan has cakes). Which is a win that my body is becoming fine-tuned, and I know exactly what caused the issue,
On day 12 my scale gave min and moved 6.6 pounds,
I have pep in my step,
Have gotten off the couch and over my pity party,
Mood has lightened - some sense of humor has returned,
I no longer feel heavy in my heart and joints,
Proud of myself for staying the course and not giving up on myself,
Zero I mean ZERO sugar cravings,
Loved the Facebook page and coaching support during the process,
This biggest win was moving through my teacher training this weekend with authentic purpose,
Looking forward to the joining the Rawkstar community and the next 90 days.
With much gratitude and humble heart xo T

dorothy Jones (Memphis, US)
Mission Accomplished!!

Top 10 reasons why I’m glad I did the 21-day Autumn cleanse
#10 new prep tips/trick that save me time
#9 I stomached cilantro 😝
#8 Who knew ‘what’ chia seeds were or ‘how’ to use them?🤷🏽‍♀️
#7 great tasting/looking recipes😋
#6 never hungry
#5 drank 100oz water💦 everyday
#4 no sleep aid (🍷🍸🥃or melatonin)
#3 clearer skin
#2 lost 15 lbs 🙌🏽
# 1 feel great / look good
Thank you Jen and the Rawkstar Community Support Team!!

C.M. (Ann Arbor, US)
My new healthy eating habit!

I can't believe I have been able to give up caffeine, meat, dairy and sugar. I have stuck with the cleanse even while going through a divorce, Covid scare and cancer scare. I feel empowered by the fact that I have been able to take control of my eating habits and give my body the healthy food it deserves. I have lost 10 pounds and have a whole bunch of healthy recipes that I will definitely be making again. In fact, I can't wait to have the Rawesome Tacos for lunch tomorrow.

Sade Brown (Philadelphia, US)
Plant based goodness!

This was the second cleanse I’ve done with SGS. I absolutely loved it! I would 100% recommend this program! I appreciate the way nuts and seeds are incorporated because I am not a fan of walnuts or pecans or almonds honestly, but the way they are incorporated it’s just different. I also like getting my energy from natural things rather than the false hope of caffeine. I was even able to fit into a pair of jeans from 2 summers ago, thanks to this cleanse. I am throughly grateful for the SGS cleanses especially for them being plant based! I can’t wait for all that’s in store for the future I will be in attendance for all of it!

Kimberly Nelson (Oak Park, US)
21 Day Fresh Start, Again

Repeating the 21 Day Cleanse brought new perspective and a sense of order to my life and my kitchen! At the onset I can say I’m dairy, and caffeine free. I connected sugar to my sleep disturbances and corked the nightly glass of wine. I was already eating (mostly) plant based, what was lacking was the meal planning, recipes and shopping lists. A fridge full of fruits and vegetables, and nothing to eat thinking got the best of me more than I care to admit. From this cleanse I had 21 days of knowing exactly what I was eating each week. I kept my nose to the shopping list and prepared meals full flavor and textures and although familiar, this time around it was something I didn't know I needed until I experienced it. I signed up for the maintenance program to keep the momentum going. Good bye late night snacking, and foods that don't serve me in a healthy and sustainable way! I highly recommend this program.

Millette Talbot (Thomasville, US)
My first vegan cleanse but will not be my last

I was kind of scared of doing the 21 day autumn cleanse. I saw some of the recipes and thought that I wasn’t going to like them. I was surprised to know that I liked the food like the spicy lentil soup, creamy ginger carrot soup, the cauliflower popcorn,etc. This was the first time I planned my meals, prepped them and cooked them for the week. Having done that I didn’t have room to stray because I always had something prepared to eat. I love the group support. I lost a total of 15 pounds and I am so proud of myself. I feel so much better. I can drop it like it’s hot and now I can get back up😊. I will do a little something for Thanksgiving but I want to do the cleanse again to get the rest of my weight off.
I would definitely recommend trying it. I think that everyone’s results were different but we all have gain from this. So glad that I did it.

Tammie Miles (Sullivan, US)
Energizing & Invigorating to New Growths

What can I say, this cleanse was clean eating, fun, invigorating to do. I have done cleanses before but got sick and could not continue. The RAWK coaches and members where very encouraging and uplifting.
These crocus go thru a lot to break thru the ground and snow to come out looking beautiful and fresh --- this 21-Day Autumn Cleanse helps you do the same to start out the year FRESH and ready to start on a new endeavors that are coming. The prep was fun and the menu helped me to stay focused and the shopping was great to check off what I had and to know what I needed to get.
I have endured a lot in my life thru pain in my whole body to indigestion so severe that my intestines' were not recovering. I'm not one for diets but this cleanse gives you an easy, smooth, gentle help to get you on the right track to eating right and healthy.
So where to next, I'm going for the 90 day maintenance to continue with my wonderful health benefits I have received doing this cleanse. ENJOYED & ENERGIZED!!!!