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Spring Cleanse

I'm shocked with the results! I lost 9 lbs in 2 weeks. I've felt satisfied and never hungry. The shopping and food prep time is intense, but if it weren't for that, I'd eat this way all the time because of how great I feel.— Meredith V.

Reset cravings, lose weight and gain energy with a plant-based whole foods protocol for 21 days. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling trapped in a body holding you back from living your best life. During the 21 day cleanse, expect to reduce bloating, better sleep, weight loss, stronger immune system and more energy.

It takes 21 days to change habits...

The 21-day spring cleanse was made for women wanting to reverse fatigue, stubborn weight gain, acne, bloating and brain fog. Doesn't matter if you're 30 or 60...nothing is more frustrating than feeling trapped in a body that’s holding you back from living the life you were meant to live.

When exhaustion, low self-esteem and discomfort rule your day instead of opportunities and passion— you’re surviving and not thriving. I’ve helped myself and thousands of women with these struggles. I would love to help you as we head into the holiday season.




Discover how going gluten-free, dairy-free, low-sugar, and low-carb for 21 days can lead to remarkable weight loss. No counting calories. No points.


Nourishing your body and having a solid wellness routine untaps a whole new level of energy that a cup of coffee can't even touch.


During these 21 days, you will not only feel amazing, but my hope is that you'll discover your passions and pursue them.

What to expect when cleansing

In just 21-day days, you'll break bad eating habits and fall in love with tasty plant-based snacks, meals and smoothies. This program was crafted by a holistic nutritionist to help you lose weight, gain energy, boost your immune system.

All meals are nutrient-rich and therefore give back to the body, and will balance your blood sugar, keeping your energy at a steady flow. Rather than focus on calories or points, we focus on having good quality protein, healthy fats and loads of vegetables and fruit to get all the goodness that you need.


Unlike most cleanses, there are no supplements or food delivery. You are going to learn how to shop, prep and cook meals that will cleanse your body. Plan to spend 3-4 hours the first weekend shopping and prepping meals for the cleanse. Yet each week gets easier as you adjust to your new lifestyle. Are you ready to shop and cook like a nutritional rawkstar?!


Quitting sugar and caffeine is one of the most positive steps you can take during a cleanse, but it is also the most difficult. You will receive my practical tips and advice to help you make this powerful and positive transformation.


Enjoy a stress-free transformation using my recommended weekly meal plans with over 60 plant-based whole food recipes, you'll be shopping and cooking like a nutritional goddess from Day 1.


Week 1: Elimination

Enjoy a gentle transition away from the things that are weighing you down and zapping our energy. We'll avoid processed sugars, dairy, gluten, caffeine and meat. You’ll learn how to battle cravings with satisfying, nutrient-rich recipes.

Week 2: Detoxify

In week two, you’ll eat large amounts of liver cleansing foods, such as fruits and vegetables (seasoned + flavored to perfection!) so your body naturally flushes out toxins.

Week 3: Lifestyle

We’ll drill in the fact that eating whole foods can be delicious and simple. This can be your new lifestyle where less weight and more energy are a given!

Customer Reviews

Based on 205 reviews
Megan (Wausau, US)
On the fence? My main reason I gave it a try.

I was on the fence until the final days before the live cleanse started, but a few days away I emails a few questions and read through other reviews. I decided to pull the trigger when so many people talked about more energy and better sleep. I ended up sleeping great every night of the cleanse, which is very unusual for me. I wear a Polar watch to bed to record my sleep data, and usually each week there are 3 nights that are "compromised" and 1-2 nights of "poor" sleep quality. Just for that reason, I'll be changing my habits and thinking about my relationship with food going forward!
The only reason I didn't give it a 5 star rating, is that the book/pdf was hard to flip between prep guide and recipes. I had to create my own cheat-sheet to have the correct recipes handy thought out the week, and be able to reference the guide better. I wish each would have had nutritional information, and wish the pdf contained links so if you were supposed to reference another page you could just jump to it. I had it printed out, but it wasn't any easier.

Thanks for sharing that awesome sleep feedback, Megan! We're so glad you decided to go all-in on the cleanse with us. We also appreciate your feedback regarding the digital guide; we are definitely working on some changes and will share them with you when they're ready!

Barbara (Gresham, US)
Love, Love, Love!

Wow! Delicious filling recipes and meal plan with the encouraging, informative coaching calls and Facebook group support. To top it off, my blood pressure, blood sugar, and weight dropped. And with increased mental clarity and energy levels! This was a lifesaver and something I plan to do again (and again). Thank you Simple Green Smoothies!

Gina Smethells (Wheaton, US)
Truly Amazing - 21 Day Cleanse

I love the 21 day cleanse, so many great recipes! It is amazing to get the whole meal plan for 3 weeks, with recipes, and grocery lists and so much wonderful support! Truly Amazing!

Elaine Petrakis (Fremont, US)
So worth it!

My husband and I just finished the 21 Day Cleanse and we're very pleased overall with everything about it.
The menu is fantastic and the food combinations are delicious and creative! There are a couple that weren't our favorites, but considering how many recipes we're given in this program, I'm amazed that there were only a couple that we didn't love. This cleanse is not for those who aren't willing to be a little bit adventurous in their eating.... but, if you are, you'll be so pleased! We were never hungry and never felt deprived... and we both lost weight too!
There IS quite a bit of prep and time spent in the kitchen, I'm not gonna lie, so plan on that, but in the long run it's SOOO worth it!
Jen is so knowledgeable and incredibly organized in the way she put this cleanse together, from the variety, to the shopping and prep lists, to the tips, tricks and food swaps, gorgeous color photos and easy to follow recipes.... amazing and so professional!
I look forward to future events and more knowledge and ideas for healthy eating!

Patti Ryan
Loved it!

So many great recipes that didn’t even seem like they were a “cleanse”! Perfect for spring!

Robin Sobolewski (Pittsburgh, US)
Fantastic program for carnivore/newbie

Cheers to 21 days of clean eating! 🎉 I learned so much about vegetarian/vegan eating and feel fabulous! So impressed with the delicious, filling recipes and it felt very nourishing to not only eat the food, but to prepare it for myself (in stead of eating something quick and healthy-ish). Always thought I had to have meat protein to feel satiated, but was never hungry during the cleanse and even lost weight. Super helpful to have everything laid out for the program from shopping lists to menus to recipes and substitutes. Grateful for this program and the group support! Highly recommend!

Grace (Armstrong, CA)

I loved this Spring Cleanse! I really appreciate having everything planned out with detailed information. It’s not just recipes, but a work of art. The photos and descriptions are beautiful displayed. The support from Jen and the team is incredible. Following along with the other participants makes the process enjoyable and relatable. I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in improving their nutrition. I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn more about a healthy lifestyle. Love eating so many veggies and fruit!!

Kat (Fort Worth, US)
This cleanse is legit and toddler approved 🌱 💕

TRY THIS CLEANSE. IT WORKS. I’m a mama of two toddlers and I needed to nourish my body with real food and decided to try this cleanse. I went in with an open mind. I’ve always enjoyed Whole Foods plant-based meals. I just didn’t know how to prepare the SAUCES which are DELICIOUS and GAME CHANGING. And the smoothies! My whole family loved all the green smoothies in the cleanse except the apple cucumber mint one 😂. I loved them all though 💕 My family would eat most of the dinners as either a side with a protein or a whole meal.

Best meals that were also toddler approved:
Asparagus stir fry
Asparagus quinoa 🥗
BBQ lentils with sweet potato rounds
Baked hash cakes
Black bean tacos
Plant Power wraps
RAWKSTAR Veggie bowl (hemp sauce is my JAM)
Broccoli potato soup
Spring Veggie Soup

Those were our absolute favorites and will forever be in the family meal rotation.

The snacks were AMAZING!

I ❤️ the banana dippers in almond butter dipped in sunflower seeds the most since its like eating a candy bar but healthy!

I DID NOT LIKE the zoodles in a jar recipe. The was the one meal I couldn’t stand at all. Just being honest 😂

Meal prepping was EASY and now I have so many tools under my belt for preparing healthy tasty snacks and meals. This cleanse has truly made me make clean eating and cooking a daily routine that brings everyone joy in the house. I even lost 10 lbs even though I didn’t stay on the cleanse the whole time (3 hiccups like snack and maybe some lasagna). It really changed my life. It inspired me to organize my kitchen back room and pantry, making room for whole food ingredients like nutritional yeast, hemp seeds, quinoa, and raw nuts, etc.

The best part of this cleanse is the ENERGY. Getting off caffeine was rough the first few days, but I slept so much better, which this honestly made a huge difference helping me get back to a normal healthy metabolism.

If you want to lose weight on this cleanse, you can omit the oil in recipes (which I did with most of them) and not use as many nuts. But honestly, if you eat processed foods on a somewhat daily basis like I did, you will still lose weight just eating the recipes.

I also love the people behind this cleanse. Jen and her smoothie friend are my heroes. We are on a budget in our house and your story inspires me that anything is possible. Thank you for the tools you have given me and my family to a healthier life! Truly a blessing!

Christine Gillette (Puyallup, US)
Such fresh food and amazing taste!

I can describe how amazing I feel after 3 weeks of eating vegan. Kinda shocked actually that I did it! Something fun that I did with my sister and we ended the cleanse today on her 53rd birthday and we both feel incredible and are continuing with the smoothies and also more vegetarian choices in our lifestyle. This has made a huge impact in our lives and we will both be continuing on. We each own both cookbooks, have the protein powder and are excited to try more recipes. Thanks for a new outlook on health.

Jennifer Toomey (Chicago, US)
Spring Cleanse!

Wow! I have been following SImple Green Smoothies online for about a year. I finally took the plunge, signed up the Spring Cleanse and it was amazing. I was nervous about staying on track and prepping, etc. but didn't need to be. Jen was super supportive, the weekly calls were recorded so I could watch them at my leisure, and the recipes are fantastic. Some days seemed like too much food! I feel so good and plan on eating this way moving forward. Highly recommend jumping in and taking care of your body. No time like today!