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Plant-Based Cookbook Bundle

Grab both plant-based cookbooks by Jen Hansard and save money. Between these two books you'll enjoy: 

  • Simple Green Smoothies: 100+ vegan green smoothie recipes
  • Simple Green Meals: 100+ plant-based snack, meals, dessert & breakfast recipes

Published by Rodale/Random House

Customer Reviews

Based on 883 reviews
Sheryl B. (Franklin, US)
Simple Green Smoothies - Simply Wonderful!

I bought the “Bundle Cookbooks” complete with autographs. They are great cookbooks, beautiful pictures and easy to follow. Looking forward to making more and more plant based meals. Thanks!

My health is improving and biological age is decreasing!

I use a whoop strap to track my health and fitness. My recovery trend since starting to have these awesome green smoothies had been going up in the green! I don't think I've ever had so many green recovery days in a row. This is my new normal and getting greener every day despite not working out at all this week due to an injury. I'm seriously amazed. These smoothies aren't too sweet like most smoothies and really focus on getting the green without too many sugars. I love them. Getting those extra polyphenols in every day is really making an improvement on my health that I can see in real time!

Natanya Boozer
It’s great!

Love the creations of smoothies and it’s a great addition to my healthy life choices and library

Easy, fun, and nourishing recipes. Just what the doctor ordered.

I always love Jen's recipes but this book is above and beyond! So many great ideas. As a naturopathic physician I tend to recommend higher protein dishes for my patients (and we eat this way as well.) These recipes are still perfect for us as we can just add an extra protein side or pop some on top.

Everything we've tried was quick, easy, kid and parent friendly, and absolutely delicious. I even picked up some extra copies for the office!

Marilynn S. Hession
Real Food that RAWKS!!!!

I LOOOOOOOVE my new recipe book! The pictures are gorgeous, the food is not only way beyond's totally healthy too! You can't go wrong with these recipes and this lifestyle. Thank you, thank you....did I say thank you? Jen, for all your hard work in putting this together and doing it so beautifully!

Moira Guthrie
Mostly vegan/veganizable, all delicious.

I was so excited to get this cookbook and flipping through it did not disappoint. I especially appreciated how Jen took the time to advise how to make most of the non-vegan items vegan as well. There are also ways to make many of the recipes but-free as well, for people who may need to do so. Fresh colorful food is now more accessible than before. SGS cookbooks and cleanses are always amazing and flavorful and I can't wait to try everything in this cookbook. I think we are going to try the Tex Mex Breakfast Bowl first! Our maybe the Thai Lettuce Wraps! Too many choices!

Joe Mcmahon
Lifestyle Transformation

I keep both of the Simple Green books on display and ready to use 'everyday'! All of the recipes are easy to follow and absolutely delicious! Jen even provides weekly menus and shopping lists to show how to be prepared and not miss out on the full benefits of plant based meals. I've been a fan for about two years and don't plan to stop. Enjoy!

Rebecca Crowther
Dietitian Recommended!

As a Dietitian I’m always looking for good books to recommend to my clients. This is definitely one of them. Beautifully put together, great recipes and excellent information.

A MUST HAVE for every smoothie lover or newbie

I have followed the Simple Green Smoothies website for about a year and always liked their smoothies, but found it tedious to constantly scroll through my phone looking for a recipe. I love having a hard copy book that I keep right next to my Vitamix. I will usually just search for an ingredient I want to use in the index, such as avocado or pineapple, and then find one that uses most of what I have on hand. They explain everything in great detail for those that are new to green smoothies, including how to substitute different ingredients. We now have a green smoothie almost every day for breakfast - even my 1 year old daughter is a fan! I gave copies of this to several friends and family over the holiday and they all love it. A MUST HAVE.

Simple Green Smoothies is loaded!!!

I'm super excited that this little gem came today. I follow them on most of the social media's so I was happy when the announced a book was in the making. The book is sooooo colorful & beautifully made. Any recipe book that has pictures, definitely gets a 5 star rating from me. When you purchase this book, you will not be disappointed. It is so full of information to help you start your Green smoothie journey. CONGRATULATIONS Jen & Judah!!!!