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Autumn Cleanse

I'm shocked with the results! I lost 9 lbs in 2 weeks. I've felt satisfied and never hungry. The shopping and food prep time is intense, but if it weren't for that, I'd eat this way all the time because of how great I feel.— Meredith V.

Reset cravings, lose weight and gain energy with a plant-based whole foods protocol for 21 days. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling trapped in a body holding you back from living your best life. Now is your fresh start!

21-Day Cleanse Kit:

  • 3 weekly nutrition plans
  • 62 plant-based whole foods recipes
  • weekly shopping lists
  • prep guides
  • Live cleanse event: Oct 24-Nov 13

Upgrade to our 1-Year Maintenance Program: 400 bonus recipes, weekly meal plans, 24/7 support group, pop-up challenges, seasonal cleanse events and at-home full body fitness program.

Customer Reviews

Based on 309 reviews
Claudette Faucher- charles (Windsor, US)

I started the autumn cleanse with the intention of resetting my eating habits. I really enjoyed most of the recipes- I couldnt believe I made food that tasted that GOOD! the potato soup- incredible, the tomato soup- lickin' the bowl clean!! I didnt need as much variety as the plan provided so I pared it down to suit me. It was easy to stick to the meal plan, everything was laid out.
I felt really great during the 21 days, no fatigue or headaches- possibly because I am not a caffeine person. The only bummer was that I did not lose any weight. I was really hoping for that. Having a calorie count would have been helpful- and I did not have the time to do all the calculations, thus why I chose a meal plan program. When I requested a calorie count the response I got was to buy another book ( that has the calories in it). might consider it. Thanks for the program. I will now be continuing the plan- to use up all the remaining ingredients.

Kelli Burns (Lutz, US)
Delicious Recipes!!

I really loved all the recipes of the cleanse. I'm a picky eater and liked about 90% of the meals plus all the ingredients (really except beets and shredded coconut). So that's a win! The cleanse is definitely challenging, mostly because the amount of time you need to spend to cook everything. I tend to like simple snacks and meals. But I'm happy to add so many really flavorful recipes to my repertoire.

Chevelle Malone (West Linn, US)
Building better habits step by step!

I have been wanting to do one of these for awhile, and being able to do it along with a group of like minded people made it much more achievable for me! I loved having a plan to follow, and how the meal prep wasn’t too overwhelming. I was excited to see how easy it was to incorporate fresh wholesome foods back into my daily routine, something I plan to keep doing!

Snehal (Strongsville, US)
Worth it!!

The 21 day Autumn cleanse experience has been amazing! I lost almost 8 pounds eating delicious and nutritional meals. Loved that its all plant based and vegan and no mystery supplements/drink mixes. The recipes are flavorful and my entire family enjoyed them. The shopping lists, meal prep guides are super helpful. I was worried that I will crave the rice, rotis and chai, but I was able to stick to the cleanse plan and was never starving. Hoping to incorporate green smoothies as a daily habit.

T. (Belleville, US)

I'm so thankful I learned about the Autumn Cleanse through a friend who did the 10 day soup challenge. Although I started with some trepidation, I've enjoyed how easy the plan has been to follow. Everything is planned out for you -- weekly meal & snack plan, menus, shopping list, recipes, and more. While I found meal planning and prepping awkward at first, I was able to get more efficient at this. Meals have been flavorful and nutritious. Even better than the food are the physical changes experienced while following the cleanse. After a few days on the plan, my sleep quality is better, I have more energy and the inflammation in my body (aches and pains) has decreased. I've also lost 11 lbs! I like that there are no processed foods used, just clean real food. It's a new way to cook for me, but I'm loving it and feel amazing !!
Thank you!

Debra (Tucson, US)
Autumn Goodness!

I'm really thankful I decided to join this Autumn Cleanse. I've rediscovered my love of plants with all their colors and textures, smells, tastes and nutrition! I appreciated learning new food combos and helpful tricks. Never even thot of putting cilantro in a smoothie ~ and I like it! I'll continue to make the lemon ginger "tea cubes" and start each day with a friendly flush and tonic. I'm inspired to keep using many of these recipes (they were ALL so good!) and the cleanse helped me see better the value of planning and prep in order to have healthy options available. I loved the support of the team and fellow adventurers ~ so fun to see photos and share stories! Thank you for this experience!

Denny (Vancouver, US)
Surprisingly easy and yummy

So I learned not to be afraid of cutting up vegetables, except for onions. I learned that following a recipe, even if it looks like I’m going to hate it, results in good tasting food. I learned that I actually could do this despite my trepidations. I adored the organization of the clenz materials, esp. the page numbering. Did not really lose weight 😕 but certainly feel healthier. I want to try out Rawk the Year and see if it is as easy and helpful without being so strict. Thank you.

Zelda Greenberg (Cherry Hill, US)
Surprising Simple and Successful

I was concerned when i realized no more regular coffee, however after 60 years of drinking more cups than I care to count-It proved not to be an issue and thankfully no headaches either. And this is how it progressed as I experimented with new seasonings and recipes. I kept and open mind and was very successful. Medications were reduced, I kick started a weight loss goal and look forward to being a part of Rawk the Year. I'm glad I made the decision to join the Autumn Cleanse.

Hema (Cupertino, US)

I joined this cleanse hoping to control my food intake. I am a vegetarian, I eat healthy food and I work out 5 days a week. But still I’m overweight and I didn’t know how to shed that extra weight. The autumn cleanse is very educational and recipes are great. The portions size is really good. I simply just followed the plan and Voila! after a very long time I lost ten pounds! Thanks to Simple Green Smoothies I’m feeling so much better. This cleanse gave me the confidence that I’m going to achieve my desired weight goal.

Anne (Cedar Rapids, US)
So Well Planned

What I enjoyed most about this program is how nicely everything is laid out for us. Meal plans with photos, grocery lists, easy to follow recipes, suggestions for substitutions all right there. And it is flexible! The food is delicious, every recipe came out great. I feel better and have more energy. Will do more of these in the future!