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Summer Cleanse

This one-week journey was the most rewarding “self help” program I've ever participated in. Very yummy + easy recipes! The meal plan and shopping list were very helpful! It has changed my life positively! — Helen Rau

Experience more energy and weight loss by incorporate cleansing smoothies, plant-based meals, whole foods, healing tonics and snacks into your busy days. Lose weight, gain energy, reduce bloating and sleep better with our quick 7-day reset.

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    Customer (Geelong, AU)
    7 Day Summer Cleanse

    I Loved doing the 7 day Summer Cleanse, the recipes are delicious, and easy to make, and gave me more energy, I also lost a few kg. The support network is great helps keep you honest, and i loved seeing everyone's photos.

    Kelly Klukowski (Daytona Beach, US)
    Feeling lighter and clean!

    The summer cleanse was an amazing 7 day experience with delicious recipes. The first couple of days was hard to leave caffeine behind but it was totally worth it. I love feeling less bloated with great natural energy. The support group was uplighting and it was so cool cleansing with other people.

    Sally Jo Blair (Norman, US)
    Cleanse Joy

    My hubby and I enjoyed every sip and bite of the summer cleanse. It was fun to prep and eat together, and share the new found energy with our granddaughters.

    Eva McGuire (Richmond, US)

    The cleanse week was amazing. The smoothies, snacks and meals were delicious. I was never hungry and some days the snacks were not necessary. Unlike some cleanses, you ate real food. I lost weight, have more energy and feel amazing. Would recommend and will do again.

    A. (Phoenix, US)
    Summer Cleanse 2022

    The Simple Green Smoothie Summer Cleanse was a easy to prepare for and follow until the end. The variety of flavors on the menu were satisfying and delicious! My husband and two teens enjoyed the meals and I simply added sides to provide what they needed to fuel up with. I enjoyed all the recipes and found several new favorites. Thank you and look forward to future cleanses!

    C.W. (Mill Valley, US)
    💚 Loved the Summer Cleanse 💚

    The best — the meals were delicious and fun to share with skeptical friends! Posting evening meals kept me accountable and visibly joining with the community was good for my soul. Thank you everyone! I’m so looking forward to the Autumn Cleanse!

    Anna H (Provo, US)
    Amazing Energy Boost

    Thank you Jen and your whole team for putting this together. It was the perfect gentle, wholesome boost my body needed to move me closer to my goals. (And keep up with my two busy toddlers!) It's helped me form better habits and relationship to what I eat. I would do the cleanse all over again in a heartbeat! Looking forward to the Fall cleanse 😁

    Estelle (Dayton, US)
    Wow! I feel great

    I was skeptical at first, I’ve done lots of cleanses and always felt horrible. This was the first cleanse that I felt great from Day 1. I was worried because I took the week off to finish my upcoming book manuscript, but I really think the cleanse energized me. And I wasn’t hungry! I was worried about that too. The recipes were amazing and I’m continuing on with the post cleanse menu. It was a great week!

    Debra Denzer
    Worth it

    Loved it. Felt great at the end but getting there wasn’t always easy. Have some great new options for meals snacks when needed. 😃

    Jodi Velasco (Indianapolis, US)
    Loved the delicious and filling recipes!

    I started the cleanse a little earlier since I was traveling for the 4th holiday weekend. I was so impressed with how delicious the smoothies, snacks, salads, and bowls were! I have been a vegan for 10 yrs and a vegetarian for the 20 years prior to becoming a vegan. I so appreciate the ease of the recipes and the whole-food approach. Thank you!