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Great for the daily smoothie lover. 30 servings per month— $2.16 per serving

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Dolores Sanchez (Sacramento, US)
Loving Protein Smoothie Boost

I absolutely love this product. With so many protein powders on the market, the fact that it's unsweetened ,100% plant-based, no sodium and organic is my only choice. Oh and I forgot to mention there no aftertaste, none! It's worth every penny.

Lori (Buffalo Grove, US)
Super duper greens!

Finally found a heathy plant powder that doesn’t taste chalky. Turns everything a nice shade of green. Lol. Really blends easily. Love adding this to smoothies. Best ever!!

Kat (Fort Worth, US)
Simple as that 😊 🌱 💕

Simple Greens Protein Powder is just that: proteins from hemp hearts, chia seeds and flaxseeds. You can barely taste it. You can have it with ANY kind of smoothie. Simple is the BEST. I’ve learned that from SGS. It’s probably if not the best plant-based organic clean protein powder on the market.

Georgia (Manchester, US)
Best protein powder

I have tried a couple of protein powders but the after taste were awful. So I stared searching for organic protein powder and came across simple green. I have not been disappointed. I also purchased Jen other books which also have great recipes and different kinds of smoothies to make.

Sher (Buford, US)
Not your average protein powder

Unlike most protein powders, you can’t really taste this one and that is great. No chalky taste and it does not upset my stomach and blends nicely in my smoothies. A little pricey but worth it. I really like this!!

Joy Baltimore (Stone Mountain, US)
My very first Green Smoothie!!!

I am truly amazed at the taste and results of my very first green smoothie. The texture was perfect and I added the protein smoothie boost to keep me satisfied. I’m hooked and saddened that it took me years to even consider making a green smoothie. Don’t wait!!!! Give it a try. Amazing product.

Melanie J (Washington, US)
Gluten Free Love

Although the Nima is not liked by all, it is my trusty, little friend! The protein powder ingredients are all Gluten Free -but, just to be save in regards to contamination, I wanted to test to see, and soooo happy to get a :-) which means no gluten found. Love everything about Simple Green Smoothies...especially the smoothie challenges & 15 day cleanse...and now the protein! You truly Rawk, Simple Green Smoothies!

Jimmye Porter (Greenbrier, US)
Protein smoothie blend

The boost added to my daily smoothies becomes a meal, keeping me full and satisfied.

Danyell Deshields (Hagerstown, US)
Simple green protein plant powder boost smoothie

Good morning wow other my favorites best frozen banana oatmeal coconut milk cinnamon with simple green protein plant powder healthy yummy 😍 ❤️😍

H.A.Hurley (Atlanta, US)
Love my Healthy Smoothies

I am so happy with the products, information, suggestions, and my newly found mission to get healthy, walk every day, and control my cravings. I shop differently and hit the ground running. So easy with the Nutri bullet.
Adding protein to the smoothies make so much sense.
Thanks for saving me from my 70+ self.
Will reorder when ready.