Fresh Start : A 21-Day Cleanse

Our health doesn’t have to be sacrificed because we’re too busy and unsure where to start. No matter where you are on your health journey, we’re here to offer you a simple and tasty 21-day roadmap to a healthier and happier you. You got this!  


Over 21,000 people have completed our plant-based program and experienced amazing results like clear, glowing skin, more energy, less cravings, better sleep and an average of 8 lbs of weight loss (with sustainable results!) 


If you’re ready for some serious natural energy, break those bad eating habits, and finally feel in control of your body, sign up for Fresh Start!



We have 2 seasonal cleanse kits available for purchase (spring + autumn) to help you celebrate fresh, local ingredients with maximum nutrient density and flavor. The Autumn cleanse is our original Fresh Start, and the Spring cleanse kit is brand new. They have completely different meal plans, smoothies, snack and meal recipes— and both are amazing! 




To celebrate our brand new Fresh Start (spring) program, we're hosting a spring live community cleanse + YOU get free access (a $30 additional value) if you purchase the Spring Cleanse Kit by April 3. Here's what you get:  

  • Access to a private Facebook group where we will cleanse together (April 3-23)
  • Chance to join our Shop + Prep Party happening April 1-2 inside the group
  • Opportunity to make new friends who are on a similar journey as yourself

    What's Inside

    CLEANSING MEAL PLAN: Three weeks of cleansing meals + beverages that are carefully crafted for optimal nutrition + packed with flavor. This cleanse is dairy-free, gluten-free and meat-free.

    SANITY-SAVING SHOPPING LISTS: Weekly shopping lists to help you save time, money and your sanity when shopping.

    TIME-SAVING PREP TIPS: Dedicate just one day a week to chopping, cutting, and prepping and have dinner made simple. Plus, every recipe has a gorgeous photo and a beautiful design to get you excited.

    SEASONAL FLAVORS: We have 2 seasonal cleanse kits that offer delicious recipes infused with spring / autumn ingredients to make cooking flavorful and nutrient-rich.



    "I love that I actually get to eat food. It’s not some crazy juice cleanse or a diet where you feel like you have to deprive yourself and starve. I haven’t been hungry once and feel like I’m really nourishing my body!"

    - Carla Schmidt

    "Giving up my coffee addiction was a huge accomplishment for me! Let’s be real, I ate espresso beans in the African bush to keep the headaches away! My energy level's have increased and my mood has leveled out."

    — Jessi Calvo

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