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Protein Smoothie Boost
Nicole Carlson

Absolutely love it!

Love this protein powder

This protein powder is like no other! I love that when I mix it into my smoothies, I can't taste it. Most protein powders out there mask the taste of the smoothie but this one doesn't. I put it into my smoothies every day.

Spring Cleanse Kit
Kylie Waller

Spring Cleanse Kit

Protein Smoothie Boost
Mary Ohiggins

Protein Smoothie Boost

Protein Smoothie Boost
Maggie Prater
Best almost tasteless protein ever!

Hands down the best addition ever to smoothies and juices! If there is a taste, it is so faint that it will not alter the taste of your smoothies/juices/drinks. Gives just enough boost to help keep you feeling filled up but not weighed down.

Fantastic Protein Powder!!!

This is the best protein powder I’ve ever tasted
and a great deal too! Fast delivery in a nice box.
I always repurpose the stuffing, love it!

Very helpful and the smoothies taste great.

Protein Smoothie Boost
Shamara Gordon

Protein Smoothie Booster

i gave a bad review in error and they fixed it very promptly

i got an email yesterday my next jar was on it's way. i apparently got a subscription instead of just trying one jar. i am sorry to say that i got angry and wrote a bad review. less than 24 hours later i got a response that they would cancel my subscription. they are a very responsible and responsive
company. i am sorry for any problems i caused by the negative review. i would definitely order again!

I feel like it is very over priced and delivery was slow.

Let's Roll!

Everything I needed to get started!

Spring Cleanse Kit
Linda Markarian
Spring Cleanse Rawks

I am almost done with my cleanse and feel great. I may even do it all over again. The receipes are great . Some of the meals will definitely become staples in my diet. This one of the best gifts I have ever given to myself.

Rawk the protein

Love this protein powder. I put it in all my smoothies everyday

Very good!

I really love the protein powder! I especially love the special little gift of the avocado salt and pepper shaker! It was the best ever!!!!

Rawkstar Sunglasses
Comfortable and fit my face

My husband and I both have these, and both love them (and we have very different face shapes!). I like that they stay on, don't slide, and don't squeeze my head.

Protein Smoothie Boost

Reusable Smoothie Straws
Debbie Meshishnek

I love the reusable straws because they are so easy to clean and pretty colors. I don't have to keep throwing away plastic straws.

Gifting green

Bought one for my daughter who just started eating plant based. She loved it!

Love it!!!!!!

Absolutely love the hoodie. So soft and cozy. Don’t want to take it off. Thinking of ordering another one as back up. I bought this for myself after doing the last 21 day cleanse and I wear it with pride... feel like I truly earned it!! Proud to be part of this awesome community. Thank you!!!

Feeling great!

I am so pleased with the spring cleanse and so happy I bought it! The food taste amazing, it’s so simple to follow and my husband and I are both feeling great. Thank you for all the hard work you put into the cleanse to make it so simple for us!

big hit

i made several recipes and all were a hit. but the biggest crowd pleaser was the buffalo cauliflower. knocked it out of the park. thx for all ideas and recipes

Very smooth

I do like the smoothness that this powder brings to my Smoothies’s and loved the sale price for the 2 pack. I think I would buy again.

Great for prediabetics!

I’ve been prediabetic for years. Never thought anything about it until recently. But the SGS smoothie challenge converted me. I LOVE the frozen fruit, and ease of preparation. AND the protein powder protects me from a slight sugar high that I get otherwise. I feel more healthy, and SO easy. Thank you, thank you SGS!

Lovely Book! Soft hoodie

This book is amazing! The hoodie is so soft and fluffy!

Best protein powder

Love it.