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Smoothie Straws
Kelly Klukowski (Brooksville, US)

Perfect for sipping smoothies in mason jars and I love the colors.


Handy to have. The brush is a welcome addition. I always have a clean straw. The length of the straws is perfect.

Superfood Scoop
laura gooden (Arlington, US)

Superfood Scoop

The only straws we use

Our whole family loves these straws! They work for smoothies, coffee and more, are easy to clean and are super cute.

10-Day Challenge Book
Debra (Chicago, US)

10-Day Challenge Book

Protein Smoothie Boost
J. (Washington, US)

I absolutely love this protein powder. I was just running out because I usually do my smoothies spring through fall and realized it was discontinued in December. Please bring it back!! :)

10-Day Challenge Book
Kathy Honsberger (Tacoma, US)

I eat a fairly healthy diet and this just adds more to my arsenal of healthy meals.

I joined this cleanse to remove many of my bad food habits. My cleanse journey was amazing the first week. I felt wonderful. Unfortunately, for the last 2 weeks of the cleanse I had covid and I am just feeling better today. I didn't have the appetite to finish. I couldn't eat anything. I'm sorry not to be positive here, but thought it was important to share my experience. The one thing I am happy to find is the joint pain I had is gone and I attribute this to the no dairy. I plan on staying dairy free.

21-Day Cleanse (spring)
Gracie Ortiz

My husband and I did the 21 day Spring Cleanse together. It was a very positive experience! We both needed a change in our diet, and with the meal plans and recipes at our fingertips, we had nothing to lose (but weight!). Prior to the cleanse we were eating very poorly. During the 21 days, we changed some meals around and omitted some snacks but didn't stray from the cleanse other than sharing one glass of wine at a festival and my husband having grilled chicken on a salad a few times. I lost 10.1 lbs and my husband lost 15 lbs!! We really needed this boost! And you would think the weight loss was the best part, but it really wasn't. Turns out we LOVED eating plant based!! The meals were soooo flavorful and we were never hungry. The variety in each meal kept it exciting and kept us motivated. I am reading two books: Eating on the Wild Side and How Not to Diet, and they both confirm that a plant based lifestyle is so beneficial for your health. My husband and I have enjoyed it so much that we have joined Rawk the Year and already did our meal plan for this week. Having the customized grocery list really works for us and we have found that we need a meal plan to succeed. We have not been caught hungry with no idea of what to eat. Thank you for providing such an invaluable tool! Our health is so very grateful!!

21-Day Cleanse (spring)
Maria Hendrix

This has been a part of my journey to evolving into a more whole food plant-based diet the past two years. Cleanse recipes were tasty

Joined to reset my eating habits. Motivated to be healthier, fitter and to lose some weight — especially since I’m a more mature mom (50) with younger kids to keep up with (5 and 11).
I loved the cleanse. My withdrawal symptoms dissipated after just a few days (which was faster than when i did the 7 day spring cleanse a couple years ago).
The best way to describe my experience is that my body felt happy! My psoriatic arthritis didn’t flare once. My joints didn’t feel inflamed. My stomach wasn’t bloated. My skin was glowing. My digestive system worked easily and like clockwork. It felt awesome to experience my body working so efficiently. I also lost about 6 pounds.
So many delicious recipes that will become part of our meal planning!
21 days seemed like a long time when I committed, but it went by quickly! I’m really proud of myself for doing this for myself. And for my Future Self too!

I joined the cleanse for a few reasons. I’ve always had a very healthy diet — lots of fruits and veggies, healthy fats, little-to-no added sugar, gluten-free, etc. But, having gone back to school to become a nutritionist recently, life got incredibly busy and my diet got a little boring. Throwing together the same salad with protein, simple breakfasts, quick lunches. I needed a jump start. I also became very interested in diving into a plant-based diet to learn more about it in the hopes of improving my own health and helping future clients in my community. Going into it, I really didn’t know how closely I’d follow all the prep and menus or how interested I’d be in connecting with others in the online community. But, almost instantly, I felt a responsibility both to myself and the group to give it my all. I also felt a quick kinship with everyone going through it, and was anxious to share my journey and read about others. It was an amazing experience on all levels. The recipes continued to surprise me with how good they were — almost without exception. Of course, you expect one or two that aren’t your favorites, but even those were good overall. For me, some of the recipes contained a little too much added sugar, particularly sauces and dressings (in the form of maple syrup, so that’s good). This is primarily because I have almost no added sugar in my diet. Plus, I know sweet snacks can be a trigger for me to overdo it, so I need to avoid them. However, if I were someone used to eating a highly processed and high sugar diet, this would have been a great way to ease off, so I understand how these recipes would work for most people. And, once I started making the recipes, I quickly learned to adjust for my own tastes. Two things I really wasn’t sure about were 1) how I’d feel entirely giving up dairy, and 2) how I’d like week 2 with no grains and legumes. I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed all of that. Weight loss was not a goal going into the program. What I have noticed is less bloating and better digestive function. That’s huge for me. I attribute most of that to dairy, and a don’t plan to add it back into my diet. As for grains, I surprisingly learned that I feel better when I limit those, as well. I find that they’re hard to resist and sometimes prompt me to eat more than I intend or to eat mindlessly. While I won’t eliminate them entirely — I believe there is too much nutritional benefit — I will be more selective in adding them back into my diet. The thing I’m most proud of is committing to the program without regard to upcoming plans that may have gotten in the way. I adjusted both my behavior and some of my plans to accommodate the program and am so glad I did! I will truly miss some of the women I connected with online during the program. Moving forward, I plan to repeat the process and see what improvements I continue to feel. As I finish up, although I had a couple of struggles along the way, I really have to say that I RAWKED this. So excited for what’s ahead. Thanks Simple Green Smoothie team!

I joined the cleanse because I love the recipes and was in the home stretch of a college class. I needed a plan ☺️ and noticed I had the energy to keep up with work and college.
I am proud that I learned how to make my own kombucha this time and will keep up my new SCOBY! I also am recovering from foot surgery and am proud that I am almost to 400 miles of my own in Run the Year.

I joined this cleanse, because my results were amazing in every way with the Autumn cleanse. Unfortunately, I got ‘beyond off track’ since the Holidays and this is exactly what I needed to get back on track. Something about the structure and the community absolutely works for me. I don’t do social media and rarely post, but I follow, enjoy and appreciate the discussion group.
I had tried to get started again during the winter, but wasn’t consistent. This time - thank you again, and thank God I found you :-) - following the plan again took me off the sugar and unhelpful habits. Unfortunately, I didn’t lose the weight that I had anticipated, which is a bit disappointing. But that’s the not to blame the plan, I know I overdid some of the snacks, and nuts, and quite likely I was heavier than I was at the start than Autumn, as well. Honestly, it could be a blessing, because it causes me to step back and become more intentional with my vision and my choices.
I’ve been sleeping great, I love that I’m eating so many vegetables, and that their the base of my diet. I also love that the food is delicious, and varied, and that it’s my work! The whole family loves it, carnivores, vegetarians, gluten free-ers.
I’m proud that even though I was anticipating more weight/fat loss, that I am continuing and not throwing in the towel. I really have no choice! I can’t go back to sugar and poor habits. I do anticipate my body shifting and submitting more at some point soon, and I’ll keep you posted! Thank you!

21-Day Cleanse (spring)
Denise Price

The 21 day cleanse program was amazing! I can’t believe I gave up meat for 21 days! I’ve never done that before and I feel amazing!! I’ve lost 9 pounds and plan on sticking with this way of life! The plan itself was fabulous every meal was delicious and I will definitely make them again. Prepping on the weekend really helped throughout the week and I plan to continue that! I also enjoyed the community being able to connect with others and read that other people were going through the same thing as me. Accountability is a game changer! Thanks again Jen and team for a great 21 days and a great program! I cant wait for the next one!

21-Day Cleanse (spring)
Tiffany McIntosh

I joined the cleanse because my husband wanted to do it. I already eat pretty clean and vegan lifestyle, but he was feeling sluggish and bloated, not sleeping well so I suggested we do it (I already knew the outcome would be great). The first four days were not good for him due to giving up alcohol and coffee. I was enjoying the meals as they were exciting to my tastebuds. He continued to get in the kitchen and prep and cook with me so it wasn’t so overwhelming for me. Grocery shopping was quite an experience as I soon realized with vegetables what’s considered 16oz is not the same as 2 cups… particularly spinach lol. That first week we over bought a lot of food. I’m a math teacher so I was in the stores doing my conversions and had my calculator out, needless to say even in all that I was still off. The next surprise came when my kids started asking for some of my food instead of what I made for them. I would say things like you’re probably not going to like it… and every time I was met with eyes that lit up and a smile followed by “mmm, this is good” Overall I feel great because I was able to add more vegan meals to my collection and a bonus is that they are gluten free since my daughter is gluten free. My husband has been sleeping quality sleep and has lost 15 lbs. I knew it was all the sugar in his favorite after work beverage that had him bloated and restless. While he is a self proclaimed connoisseur of all meat… he has said he can join me on the mostly plant based food with occasional meat. I am proud of my self for modeling healthy habits for my family and having them aboard. Also it turns out I enjoy cooking everything from scratch. I never liked to cook, but I’m proud of myself for getting in the kitchen and trying new recipes. Never seen a fennel bulb or let alone knew how to cook it. I look forward to continuing this lifestyle with my family.

21-Day Cleanse (spring)
Janet and Ed Kelley

Hello; I can’t tell you enough about how this cleanse has changed both our lives. We have definitely decided to keep with a plant based diet. We both feel 100% better. As I noted about my diabetic numbers, they have the best in years and my husband has lost 12lbs. He has asthma and can finally walk without huffing.
We joined the cleanse for something better and we have found it. We are both proud that we have made it to the end but we are definitely doing the week after cleanse. I would feel lost if I didn’t keep doing it. It’s a way of life now. We check the menus at restaurants now for plant based and have our favorites picked out. The support group is the best. 😍 Thank you so much for this great new journey. We have both enjoyed all the recipes.

I’ve been interested in moving towards a plant-based diet for years as I feel it would be better for my health, and I know plant-rich diets are a viable climate solution. Having the meals fully scripted was a huge help for me! I loved pretty much all of the recipes and will be integrating them into my regular meal planning. I was amazed at the impact removing gluten, dairy, meat, and caffeine had on my health. I feel more energetic and just all around better. I’m going to try my best to limit these in my diet from here on out. The only downside was the amount of time that weekly meal prep took. I spent 5-6 hours prepping over the weekend. Though having things prepped in advance made the week run smoothly and allowed me to stick with the planned meals as they were ready to go when I was hungry, which was super helpful. I would definitely recommend this cleanse!

I did the Autumn Cleanse and felt so good that I wanted to try the Spring one. It was a little harder this time. Experienced more of the caffeine withdrawal headaches and some bloating during the 2nd week but once that subsided, I felt great! I am amazed I was able to stay on the program until Friday and not sneak any sweets or tea! (I did stop a couple days early because we had a family cabin cleanup weekend.) I am so glad I did the cleanse. The recipes were all sooo good!!

I was a little skeptical about the recipes. They looked daunting and not super appetizing. I was completely surprised at how delicious they were. I played all in, and followed the recipes as close as I could. There were things I haven’t liked in the past that I actually liked with these recipes (tomatoes and mushrooms). I loved that there were so many options for meals and food. Cleanses I’ve done in the past have felt so limited, and I get tired of the same smoothie and a baked potato three days in a row. There was so much yummy variety to this cleanse.
Every cleanse is different in purpose. I feel this one is mostly to get eating healthy. Not necessarily cleansing the organs and systems. I only lost 2-4 lbs (I don’t have that much to loose), but I do feel I’m not as swollen and aches are minimal. I’m coming off a year of doing a keto version diet, and I feel so much better eating this way.
The shopping list was SO helpful, and the recipes were easy to understand. Some took a lot of prep, but mostly because they were new unfamiliar recipe, or a lot of veggie chopping. But prep was the name of the game to succeed!
I have my kids try some of the recipes, and they really liked them also. I’m going to incorporate most of them in my family cooking.
I’ve been telling all my friends about the cleanse and highly recommending it to anyone.

21-Day Cleanse (spring)
Regina Holmes

I joined the cleanse because I have been thinking about wanting to do it for so long. I thought it was a lot of work at first. The way that I felt during it was so much better, there was no way I was going to stop. I thought it would be harder to not have meat. I really enjoyed most of the meals. Even if I didn’t like an item on the menu, I chose to try it anyway. I feel a whole lot better and healthier now. I already slept well before I started this, but the sleep that I got during this, every night was amazing!

21-Day Cleanse (spring)
Katherine Mardesich

I’ve been feeling sluggish and had no motivation for things. I knew I needed to change something & have been wanting to clean up my diet. And then came your email about the cleanse. I signed up just in time and I’m so grateful I did!
Going through the cleanse I really wanted to stick to the menu. I did it! It was a challenge that first week with my caffeine withdrawals… headaches and body aches. I kept with it though knowing the next week things would improve.
On the last day I’m feeling grateful I did this for myself. I’m feeling grateful I joined your amazing program with all the delish recipes, support and community. Everyone involved made a big difference! (So much better than going at it alone)
After it all I feel lighter, for sure! I don’t own a scale but I can definitely feel and see the changes in my body and see I’ve shed a few pounds. I feel clean, clear and satisfied. I’m so happy with the cleanse and how I’m feeling.
I can honestly say I was satiated and felt I had plenty of options and food throughout each day.
Oh, one additional comment is that I loved that your included the core challenge and if I do this cleanse again I’d like to include that next time! Or maybe beginning the second week after the aches are gone. THANK YOU ALL!!!

I needed some motivation and support in getting back to eating whole foods and more veggies. Loosing weight and drinking less alcohol were goals too. I'm proud to say I accomplished a both. And found some recipes my husband and I enjoyed. Now if I could just get the kids to try them.
I have fun doing this! I'm excited to get in the kitchen, to cook and see what I get to eat next. And checking the community to see what others are experiencing is enjoyable too.

I joined the cleanse because I was at a very low point in my life. I had been doing lots of spiritual soul-searching, but couldn’t seem to get on track with eating healthy. I just wanted to snack all the time to numb everything I was feeling. I knew I needed to do both, mental awareness and healthy food, to truly heal.
The cleanse had helped me come full circle on my healing journey.. and more !!
I once again enjoyed cooking! The recipes were all so delicious and easy to prepare that I will be making then over and over again! I regained my confidence that I can now grocery shop and fully resist temptations!
And I feel fantastic! I lost 7 lbs., my skin is glowing, my clothes feel great on me and that bloated feeling is gone!
It’s so hard to believe that after only 21 days, I have changed so many bad habits that I will maintain this lifestyle forever more!
Thank you , Jen, and everyone for the amazing support and encouragement!!

This is my second cleanse with Simple Green Smoothies. I really appreciate all the group support and accountability. Everyone is honest with their successes and failures. I truly felt like we were all in it together ~ that makes a big difference in do-ability for me! Discovering new recipes and new ingredients, plus trying new approaches, was fun. I find this a good platform for getting into the swing of a more plant-based lifestyle and for re-setting myself when things have gotten off track a little, or a LOT! The recipes are great! I found myself not really craving sweets or coffee and hope to continue with that trend. I've lost a few pounds, feel lighter in body and mind and can pat myself on the back for a job well done, though not without a few deviations. That's the other wonderful thing: no one beats anyone up for slips, indulgences or variations; instead I found only positive encouragement in all the posts and comments. Listen to your body, do what works for you and keep rawkin'! Thank you ALL for the good cleanse and all your help!