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Keeps coffee hot for hours!

I first tested my olive green water bottle with coffee and it stayed HOT for 2.5 hours. I take forever to drink coffee, so I really need something that will keep it warm the whole time. I also love the green color.

Protein Starter Kit
Dee Rubright
Review of protein starter

Love the
Product and the recipe book that can with it!


I really enjoy the different dishes and all the many flavourful spices and greens used
These have become my many days recipies
I feel so much more energy from eating this way
Such variety you can cook something different every day

Protein Smoothie Boost

Awesome Product

I am in love with your protein power. I have three different kinds in the house, none was of the quality of yours. With your product there is no aftertaste nor smell & that I love. So thank you for creating such an awesome product. I will be back to order again when needed. Loved the scoop with the starter kit.!!!!

Protein Starter Kit
Lynette Toomajian
Love green smoothies

I took one of the smoothie challenges, the 10 day challenge. Loved it, felt great, but was missing that protein powder and mine had sugar in it and when I used it, it made it too sweet. I love your protein powder, it doesn’t ruin the taste and it has healthy and simple ingredients. Now trying to incorporate a green smoothie a day, usually is my breakfast. Love starting out my day with one.

Love my new straws!!

I am IN LOVE with my new Wildnerness Collection straws. The color is absolutely gorgeous and they're the perfect way to show off my love for all things Simple Green Smoothies! Definitely buying more for Christmas presents!!


Great product, love the scoop!!!

Summer Cleanse Kit
Summer Cleanse Kit

I did the seven-day plant-based cleanse, and the food was very satisfying. I already do smoothies and your recipes just added to my collection. I use my metal straws often and I have used several of the recipes again. What I liked most about the Summer Cleanse Kit was the meal preplan. I knew for the entire week what to prepare for my meals and I had the grocery items in my home. I need to get better with meal preplanning. I tried to send a review right after the summer cleanse but I was unable to submit the information because I am a baby boomer and did not have any pictures of my meals.

Artisan Powder Scoop
Viki A Nelums
Rustic & artsy

Very nice & appears to be the standard size of the scoops that come in my protein powder mixes. I love the artisanal look!

Summer Cleanse Kit
Lucia Miller

Delicious recipes! Great cleanse!

Summer Cleanse Kit

Beautiful book, full of inspiration!

Great book, great value!

So beautiful!!!

Love my wilderness set of stainless steel straws!! Such gorgeous colors, and so perfect to use for my green smoothies! Easy to clean too! Love it!!!!

Reusable Smoothie Straws
Kelly Klukowski

Absolutely love these stainless steel straws and these colors are beautiful! Easy to clean and perfect height for my smoothies.

Wilderness set is gorgeous!

I've been using the new wilderness straw set all weekend and love it! Love the more 'matte' look, and the fact that they fit the wooden lids perfectly.

NEW! Rawkstar T-Shirts
Kavli Kukreja
So soft!

This T-shirt is so soft and comfy!! It’s my fave tshirt to wear around for everything!

Rawkstar Active Hat
Kavli Kukreja
Cute hat!

This is such a cute hat, I had to get it again as I lost my first one in the airport. I love it!!

Summer Cleanse Kit
Judith Hartman
Great information

Really like the information. Great value for the price

Super Soft T-Shirts

I love these t-shirts!! They are so soft and very comfy. I have received many compliments of how fun they are.


I’ve tried a couple different protein powders before with mixed reviews. This one is great! Only a few ingredients. I add it with my greens and liquid in the vitamix before adding the fruit and I can’t tell it’s in there. Not chalky at all. Mixes in well.

Protein Smoothie Boost
Roseann Stone
Loving it

It really is a great boost of energy. I have so many more recipe options for smoothies then when I was using a chocolate protein powder which didn’t taste great with some fruits I wanted to use

Protein Smoothie Boost
Angela Gwartney Zobrist
Rawking protein powder

Best vegan protein powder. It mix’s well in any smoothie. And the fact that it has no fillers only clean ingredients is a bonus. Thanks


My smoothies are a lifesaver. I tend to over buy produce; I need more protein cuz
I am a vegetarian; I forget to drink water so the smoothies are for me!!!!

Functional and cute!

These lids are amazing! I love using them every time I make a smoothie and I don’t have to worry about spilling.