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Winter Cleanse

Crush cravings, lose weight and gain energy in 7 days!

How to Prepare for the Cleanse

In just 7 days, you'll break bad eating habits and fall in love with tasty plant-based snacks, meals and smoothies. This program was crafted by a holistic nutritionist to help you lose weight, gain energy, boost your immune system.

All meals are nutrient-rich and therefore give back to the body, and will balance your blood sugar, keeping your energy at a steady flow. Rather than focus on calories or points, we focus on having good quality protein, healthy fats and loads of vegetables and fruit to get all the goodness that you need.

Plant-Based Whole Foods 101

First, you will literally eat your way through a cleanse. Think if it like a plant-based whole food cooking class that you're doing for a week. There's always a learning curve when it comes to doing something new, yet trust the process. By the end you'll have so much confidence in the kitchen and learn a whole new way of eating that makes you feel amazing!

Listen to Your Body

Throughout the cleanse, I want you to really listen to your body. When you're tired, rest or sleep. When you're hungry, drink water. If you're still hungry, then eat. Often times "hunger" is actually dehydration in disguise. If the meals are too large, eat less. If they're too little, eat more! Adjust this to work for YOU. Yet for most people, the program works great as is. So start there and adjust as you go.

Embrace Progress over Perfection

This is something I tell myself every day to stay positive and not fall off the bandwagon completely. There are days when you're gonna feel stretched thin and sticking with the cleanse plan might be too much. Do the best you can and let it go. You are still doing great and should be proud of yourself for making progress when it comes to eating better.

Live Community Cleanse Starts Nov. 1


Welcome to the Winter Cleanse!

The 7-Day Cleanse is a powerfully simple program that will guide you through seven days of blending green smoothies AND making plant powered meals, snacks, and beverages that will help your body reset. During this week-long adventure, the daily green smoothie habit will be your foundation—drinking a green smoothie for both breakfast and lunch. You’ll build upon that foundation with delicious dinner and snack recipes that are plant-based.

Two days before the cleanse is a great time to place your online grocery order OR head to the grocery store and pick up all the ingredients. Make sure to inspect produce closely to find the freshest options.

The grocery list is calculated for one person completing the cleanse.

Prepping smoothies, snacks and meals ahead for the week is the KEY to enjoying the cleanse (and a great healthy habit). Prepping will lead to extra minutes in your day and success in sticking to the plan. Those chips won’t be quite as tempting when dinner is ready in 5 minutes!

Set aside 3-5 hours the day before you start the cleanse and follow along with the Prep Guide.

The cleanse will help to reset your body, but ultimately we hope that these next seven days will help you create habits of drinking green smoothies and making plant-powered meals each and every day.

All cleanse recipes are vegan, gluten-free, and packed with winter flavors. We’ve also included plant-based proteins and whole foods galore that act like magic scrubbers to help your body process all the toxins out of your system.

What to eat (and not eat)

For the next week, we'll focus on fighting fatigue, stubborn weight gain, acne, bloating and brain fog through the foods we eat (and avoid).

Foods to embrace

fruits + vegetables

hydrating liquids

natural sweeteners

nuts & seeds

gluten-free whole grains

healthy fats

Foods to avoid

dairy + gluten

caffeine + alcohol

refined sugar

processed foods

soy products

highly acid meats

Kitchen Confidence!

Smoothie Prep 101

Make smoothies in half the time with our make ahead smoothie prep guide. You can use this process to prep for a day, a week or even a month– depending on how much space you have in your freezer.

How to Make the Best Cashew Cream

Cashew cream is a deliciously creamy way to take your meals to a new level! I suggest following the Cashew Cream recipe in the week 1 prep guide to get the best results. This blog post goes into all the ways you can make cashew cream.

Health Benefits of Turmeric Tea

Learn why you start your day with this natural remedy loaded with anti-inflammatory benefits. Get ready to wake up the digestive system and get your body cleansing!

I have been struggling to keep up with my family and work commitments, and slowly gaining weight. With Thrive, I lost 11.5 pounds in 7 days and continued to lose for the rest of the month too. I have hope again!

Amy Ellis

This seven day reset is just what a body and soul needs. I loved the complete organization of this one. Shopping, easy recipes, and motivation to keep you going. The day after I finished, several people commented that my skin was glowing.

Penny Stafford

The 7-day cleanse did everything I wanted it to do and more. It got me back in the kitchen making simple but healthy, delicious meals. The thing I like the most is how good my skin looks – blush is optional.

Patty Rabago

The recipes alone are worth the price and foods I can enjoy throughout my quest for a healthy lifestyle. Highly recommended!

Angela Smith

I am so grateful to have found this healthy 7-day detox cleanse! I knew I needed it and didn’t want to try any pills. I love the smoothies and recipes. The whole thing was easy to follow. The ingredients were easy to find. It opened a whole new taste bug for me!

Blanca Allred

I did the cleanse to get out of my bad-eating funk and to establish new and better habits. It did just that and more! Thrive introduced me to great plant-based recipes, great ways to meal plan so that I always have healthy options available, and it gave me a ridiculous amount of energy and clarity that I totally wasn’t expecting.

Carol Haase

I absolutely loved doing the 7 day winter cleanse. I feel great and have more energy. All the meals and smoothies are easy to make and delicious. I also lost 4 kg.

Renee Lembcke

This was everything you promised. It was the best cleanse I have ever done! The recipes were DELICIOUS, and the serving sizes were more than ample. My Energy is up, bloating gone, sleep fantastic, skin glowing, and down 6 lbs! I look forward to a different smoothie every morning. I'm all in! Thanks!

Danna Pohler

This cleanse was amazing, the recipes were amazing! Exactly what I needed to reset. Happy my husband joined me on the journey. We plan to continue on with our plant based eating. It’s an adventure discovering how delicious plant based eating can be, we loved the recipes this week!!

Gina Smethells

I lost 10 pounds over the 21 days and was never hungry! The food was delicious and many of these recipes will be incorporated into the family meal rotation. Love this new whole foods life!

Carrie Eichens

I honestly think I could eat like this for the rest of my life! I feel amazing, have had plenty of energy at work and in the gym, and am starting to see physical changes as well.

Greta Shwachman

This. Cleanse. Was. AMAZING. I feel so unbelievably good! Not only did 10 pounds slide right off (with almost no exercise at all!), but I feel motivated now to continue eating the same way.

Krista Wooley

They say it takes 21 days to change your habits. Well I have found a new one, a better one, a lifelong one in this cleanse.

Jennifer Lafreniere

I've learned what foods make me feel great and give me tons of energy. I'm so happy to have gone through this experience. It’s as if I was a caterpillar that emerged from its cocoon and turned into a beautiful butterfly. I’m not looking back. I’ve been changed for the better!

Ruth Filk

My clothes fit a little looser, my body feels energized and I have a better plan to continue the healthy eating habits I picked up during the 21-day cleanse. Having the base of great grocery shopping habits and better directions in the kitchen, I feel confident in continuing this lifestyle.

Tabitha Good

How to Handle Withdrawals

The hardest part of any cleanse is the withdrawals that can happen when you remove processed sugars and caffeine for your diet. For some, it can be just a mild headache, for others you might be struggling just to get out of bed. That was me when I went from a pot of coffee a day to none. It was rough... until it wasn't. Addictions (including food) can have a vicious hold on us— until we break free. This is your chance to break free.

If caffeine is your thing, make sure to drink plenty of water the first few days without it. You can also swap to a wonderful coffee alternative called Dandy Blend that myself and many cleansers love. I also rely on our Spiced Almond Milk Remix to get me through a rough day— it's a magical drink on the cleanse.

If sugar is your thing, feel free to add a little extra honey or maple syrup to the recipes to help you adjust the first week. Yet you'll want to work your way down and eventually wean off of adding anything additional so we can retrain your tastebuds.

When the cravings come (and they will), force yourself to chug some water and take a walk (or nap). It's time to create new healthy habits and staying hydrated and listening to your body are gonna be a big part of that.

Now, the goals isn't to give up coffee or sweet forever, it's to reset your body and tastebuds to not rely on them to get through the day. After the cleanse, one cup of my healthy creamy coffee keeps me energized until dinner. It's amazing! And a favorite kind of candy might become sickly sweet.

I know this can feel like a lot right now, yet I promise you'll find your groove. What's most important is that you make this cleanse work for you. If you're not hungry for a snack, you can skip it or eat less of it. If you can't stand an ingredient, leave it out. After this cleanse, you'll be back at a place of true moderation and your body will function much better.

Cleanse Bonus Guides

Bonus #1: Post Cleanse Meal Plan

Keep the momentum going with our post cleanse meal plan to help you transition off the cleanse while still experiencing results.

Bonus #2: Core Challenge

Get stronger + leaner with our 21-Day Core Challenge that increases in intensity each week with a variety of poses to support a strong core.



Q: Is the shopping list for one person?
A: The meal plan and shopping list are designed for one person. You can easily double it if cleansing with a loved one.

Q: I do not like cilantro!!! Can I swap it for something else?
A: Cilantro is the perfect herb for binding to toxins within the body and carrying them out the body! We use cilantro for it’s heavy metal chelating and aiding cleansing and detox. If you absolutely can't stand it, parsley is the best substitute. Maybe try half and half even? You can also remove the stems, which can be a little bitter for the non-cilantro lover. :)

In general, feel free to tweak or omit ingredients in recipes based on your personal dietary needs or unique situation. For example, if you can't find pepitas (pumpkin seeds), feel free to use sunflower seeds.

Q: Can I use protein powder while on the cleanse?
A: Depending on your activity levels and how you feel, you may need more protein. We recommend boosting your morning smoothie with protein if this is the case. When choosing one to use, make sure there's no added sugar/sweeteners or gums. Just 100% organic plant-based protein... without any "natural or artifical flavors, sweeteners or stevia.

Q: I’m still hungry... can I eat more than the meal plan says?
A: Of course! Listening to your body is a HUGE part of the cleanse. Just remember: if you’re craving certain foods, you’re often actually craving nutrients. For example, if you're craving chips, you're prob needing more sodium in your diet.

Depending on the amount of activity you do, you may need more food than our meal plan provides. If so, fill the gap with one of the snacks in the cleanse recipe book, and choose one with a lovely amount of protein and good fat.

You may also need to eat a little more than one serving size, and that’s okay. Feel free to eat other fruits and veggies not mentioned in our meal plan. Make sure you hydrate yourself with water, herbal tea, or our fruit-infused coolers. It'll soon be time for the next meal!

Q: Can I work out during the cleanse?
A: For sure! One of the best ways to detox is through your sweat. The first week, you’re gonna need to slow down and listen to your body as you may go through some serious withdrawals. Yet I also get how important a daily workout can be— so do your best and don't push yourself too hard. You're doing internal work while on the cleanse.

We don’t advise working out too intense, like CrossFit, marathon training, Insanity, etc would need to be toned back dramatically. Slow it down until your body adjusts to the cleanse. You can continue your workout routine as long as it feels good and you have the energy — yet still be cautious of your level of intensity while on the cleanse. Also, feel free to boost your smoothies with extra protein and healthy fats to replenish your reserves.

Q: I want to go out to eat with friends. How can I do that without ruining the cleanse?
A: We totally get this dilemma—and it’s fine to eat out. Just be prepared to exercise some serious willpower. Most places will have sides of vegetables or salads. And if not, talk to the restaurant and ask them what options they can offer you. Asian is always a good choice, as you can usually get some sort of vegetable and rice combo. Broth-based soups are generally another good choice (steer away from cream-based soups).

Q: Is it ok to make my smoothies the night before?
A: Yes, you can definitely blend your green smoothies the night before. Just make sure to use an airtight lid to limit oxidation. When you wake up, just give your smoothie a shake before you drink it. We do this all the time! Here's a helpful smoothie prep article to walk you through this.

Q: I see there's a whole lotta lemons and turmeric on this cleanse, any tips on protecting my teeth?
A: The warm water, lemon and turmeric will get your system moving in the morning. But when you're consuming a lot of lemons, you'll want to follow a few helpful tips for teeth sensitivity: drink your morning tonic warm instead of hot and with a straw to help avoid contact with teeth; rinse your mouth with water after drinking your Turmeric tonic.

Q: Should I still take my daily multivitamin, calcium, and/or fish oil supplements while on the cleanse?
A: You shouldn't need the multivitamin with the amount of fruits, veggies and whole grains you'll be getting while on the cleanse, yet it's totally up to you! Talk with your doctor if you're concerned— they'll know best. You can still take calcium and fish oil supplements if you'd like.

What about prescriptions? If you're taking medication for a health condition — keep taking it and consult your doctor about doing a whole foods cleanse to make sure this is right for you.

Q: What happens if I break the guidelines of the cleanse?
A: Don’t beat yourself up about it, but jump right back in. Think about what you struggled with and try to work on that area of weakness. But don't give up— we all have moment of weakness and fall off. The quicker you get back on track, the more likely you are to succeed. You got this!