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30-Day Smoothie Challenge

Lose weight and boost your health with smoothie recipes made effortless by best-selling cookbook author, Jen Hansard. Skip the counting and planning; and instead celebrate good food with triple-tested, nutritionally balanced recipes, weekly plans, shopping lists, and smoothie tips that are easy to use.

  • 25+ Tasty Smoothie Recipes
  • Easy-to-Follow Weekly Plans
  • Weekly Grocery Lists
  • Printer-Friendly Recipe Cards

This is a digital guidebook that can be viewed on a phone, tablet or laptop.

Natural Weight Loss

Our Meal Replacement Kit allows you to replace one meal a day with a smoothie boosted with Protein Smoothie Boost. This unique superfood formulation curbs appetite and promotes muscle build, resulting in fat + weight loss.

Tasty & Nourishing Recipes

Blend delicious plant-based smoothies to satisy cravings, improve digestion, and naturally energize. Enjoy berries, tropical fruits, creamy banana and rich chocolate flavors as you tour the diverse smoothie world with top-rated recipes.

Weekly Plans & Grocery Lists

Know exactly what to blend each week with our comprehensive smoothie plans, that include detailed grocery lists. This saves you time and money, as you embrace this simple habit that has helped thousands turn their health around.

30 Days of Guidance

Enjoy the natural energy boost that comes from a daily smoothie. By eating more plants, nourishing your body and using fruit sugars as fuel, you can reset your tastebuds and begin to crave healthier foods throughout the day.

Customer Reviews

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Angel Bareno-Egan

I decided to take on the green smoothy challenge because it was time that I took better care of my body and because I want to be a good example to my five children and of course my husband. I have to

Andrea Gonzales

My awakening to the need to change our culture of food came in April when my 4 children and I had dentist appointments with poor results. My teeth had become so sensitive it hurt to eat and brush my teeth. My third child who is four years old and has had decay since she was 8 months, now was facing another repair. And our youngest had her first cavity. Omg, it is tragic and embarrassing to think this was continuing. And why? I always thought I was feeding my family healthy homemade and lots of fresh veggies and fruit and making healthy conscious decisions, but this continuing dental decay boggled me.
Our dentist suggested looking into information from the Weston Price foundation. This revolutionized the way I am looking at food. I learned about the misconception of milk, (I thought it should have been supporting my family's calcium needs, but I've learned otherwise) and various other methods of food preparation to maximize and retain the nutritional value of food.
Now I am altering the way our family eats, but it is not an easy or flawless transition. The green smoothie challenge has been interesting and helpful. "Green, and leaves! No way! Don't ruin our smoothie!" they begged. "Don't worry, this one is mine," I assured them. I figure the best method is to lead by example and perhaps they would become interested.
The youngest two, Magdalena and Viola, were happy to try anything- they may not consume a ton, but they are willing to try them all!!! And my oldest, Adah, really got into making them, likes trying the different concoctions and has chosen her favorites. But my second child, Emilia, was harder to persuade, until the day she tried it with raspberries. We figured out she prefers her smoothly with MORE veggies and less sweet fruit! Hurray! I love that we have made progress. Some days they still request I don't add green, but can help reason with them....just think of all the wonderful calcium and vitamins that are hidden in this delicious drink!

Brooke Parry

GREEN!!! No thanks, I think I prefer chocolate or...... more chocolate. This was my first reaction to a site all about green and healthy smoothies. But I pressed onwards towards a healthier me, despite the protests of my chocolate fed brain. I decided to jump right in a start a 30 day challenge, so I signed up and waited for the next one. I made the occasional smoothie and was pleased with the result, but by occasional I meant maybe one every two weeks. I still was not quite hooked on the green way. Finally a 30 day challenge came along, though the first few days were difficult, I slipped into a green trance. It was wonderland, smoothies lined my dreams and I felt more energetic than ever. I was peppy, happy and I felt so alive. The only downside was there was only one recipe a day. Thank god you made the grocery list or I may not have survived that first challenge. Now I am a challenge veteran with many under my belt and many more to come.

I have realised smoothies are a way of life, a ritual for you to love... my morning smoothie is what I look forward to every night, it's like a beacon of green glimmering hope, but alas my blender is failing. It has used up almost all of the life support and the monitors predict death soon. I may have to just let it go....... it will be hard for me but I'm hoping that with this competition I can win a new one and my journey can continue, maybe next time you will join me.

I hope to see you next challenge when you start your journey,


Erika Ablan

I started drinking green smoothies thanks to my 2 year old son who is a picky eater. I was struggling to find ways to get him to eat his greens and he refuses (still) to try them. But he loves green smoothies and so do I! Thanks simplegreensmoothies for providing me with a yummy way of getting great nutrition onto my son, specially on those days that he barely eats or just want plain pasta I can rest assured that he will drink his green smoothie! He specifically request for them to be green lol. And mommy is hooked too! I get the energy I need to keep up with my day and my boys. Hooray for simplegreensmoothies!

Courtney Lopez

We love enjoying whole smoothies! I'll never forget our daughter's reaction to her first raw juice instead of just a typical smoothie. We made her a Raw Apple "Cider". When you blend raw apples and then strain some of the pulp it tastes delicious and so much like a traditional apple cider you'd find in the fall. She now guzzles down green juices and smoothies like a pro - we even made some in the challenge into ice pops! We wanted to share a new picture, but find that her first juice is really the most special picture we have! How many kiddos get this excited for raw juice?! No juice boxes here! Whole Juicing and extending breastfeeding have been the bulk of our little one's diet. She suffered with a rare food allergy called FPIES for nearly 3 years, which she just outgrew! We really think that her healthy eating and our persistence are the main reasons for this! PLANT POWER!!

Meghan Brooks

I started drinking green smoothies in January as part of my new years resolutions to be healthier in many ways. I love the way they make me feel, giving me more energy and fueling me for the day. I did the green smoothie challenge in the middle of January (I wrote down all the recipes so that I could do them when it was convenient for me) and found myself after the challenge was over repeating them until the next challenge. Then I was so excited when the new one started and I could switch up some of my recipes! But, recently my blender has taken a turn for the worse, and completely shut down on me, so I haven't been able to make any smoothies. I've been holding off, and doing research to find a really great blender, until I found this contest! Since I haven't been able to enjoy any green smoothies lately I have noticed a big chance in my body. I've been much more sluggish, and gotten headaches from eating more processed sugar instead of natural sugar from smoothies, and even some stomach pain. I can't wait to get my body and life back to normal by winning this blender. In my photo I have a smiling face because I'm hopeful and excited that I will win this contest and get back to my green smoothies, but in reality I'm very bummed that my blender is broken. This is also the reason for my "green smoothie" in the photo, since I couldn't have a real one, I needed a little prop...haha. Thanks for considering me for this contest, I hope to be back to my smoothies in no time!!

Sarah Reynolds

I love a challenge! I just had a baby. Labor, delivery and recovery has been amazing! I feel normal, well...except for the mental battle I have with myself over my postpartum body. I'm afraid I'll fall into the trap many in my family are victims of, that of gaining weight and not getting rid of it. I've been following your website for over a year, but I decided to take the 30-Day Challenge to help get my pre-pregnancy body back and looking RAWESOME! Ready, set, go!

It's so exciting to drink more green smoothies! I'm finding new recipes for my entire family to enjoy and have more time to spend with my children. My family and I love this adventure! We gobble up the smoothies and sometimes experiment with them too! We enjoy exchanging an ingredient here or adding another there until just the right combination.

Krista Heideman

My daughter and I took the green smoothie challenge together. I was looking for a way to include greens in our daily intake without a big fight. It has been a great success! We love trying a new smoothie each day and it has become something we both look forward to every afternoon. My favorite is the GRAPE LIME RICKEY and hers is the BERRY CITRUS-ADE. Thank you simple green smoothies for making healthy fun and fight free!

Rhonda McGrath

It all started about 3 months ago... I was the worst culprit of our little family. For a while now I was constantly feeling like I was always coming down with a cold. No energy, no drive. Then my husband who works countless hours every week still seem to have more energy than me! How was that possible. I believe it was him that had the idea of trying smoothies because we could probably get our 6 year old involved. Well it worked. Our son seen us drinking smoothies and wanted to try them. He named the green smoothies Hulk Juice. He we are going on about 3 months and feeling great. More energy, less sickness and amazing skin. We are both curious about trying the 30 day challenge as we are super pleased with the results so far but would like to take it up a notch. We don't know how before we could have possibly gotten in as many nutrients as we do now. The very best part is that our 6 year loves being called a RAWKSTAR! Thank you for all you have done to inspire our family. The recipes you provide are amazing:)


GOT GREEN SMOOTHIES?! I DO =D Green smoothies have inspired me to change my eating lifestyle. I was ready for a change in my diet but I didn't know where to start or how to start. I came across the Simple Green Smoothie website and it was love at first sight! I knew exactly what need to happen. I ditched all meat and 75% dairy and started on my plant strong journey during the first 30-Day Challenge with a greens smoothie in my hand. I love how each day of the week I can start of with a different smoothie that is garden fresh. The recipes at simplegreensmoothies.com are simple and refreshing. I also decided to start raising my own organic ducks for eggs (remember I don't eat meat anymore) and soon our garden will be producing organic greens. I will be enjoying green smoothies for years to come all thanks to simplegreensmoothies.com. What is keeping you starting fresh?!