The 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge Guide

All it takes is one small step to jump on your road to health and happiness. Why not make that small step as delicious as possible?

The 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge Guide is your own self-guided program designed to help you make green smoothies a part of your daily life. By following our tasty and easy-to-follow recipes, in no time you’ll start having more energy, clearer skin, and even weight loss! You won’t believe how simple healthy living can be until you try it yourself. All it takes is just one green smoothie a day.


  • A Smoothie Guide to educate and also help you customize your daily blend
  • Weekly shopping lists + yummy recipes to make the 30-day challenge shopping a breeze
  • Easy-to-follow printable recipe cards


"Been traveling but took my personal blender with me. Have made 1-2 green smoothies each day while gone.I am working out. Full of energy and really meeting my fitness goals. Super psyched to keep up my greenies!!!" -Peterann Siehl