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90-Day Maintenance Plan

Keep the momentum going after completing a seasonal plant-based cleanse with our 90-Day Maintenance Plan. You'll have access to: 
  • 500 Bonus Recipes
  • Weekly Meal Plans
  • Private Support Group
  • Plant-Based Starter Guidebook
  • Full Body Fitness Program

When you complete this purchase, you'll receive an email with a unique code. Use this to activate your membership at RawkTheYear.com and don't pay anything else for the first 90 days. If you love the program, you'll be automatically charged $50 every 90 days to remain in the program. Cancel anytime. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Lori J Lauscher

I truly enjoy RTY-- the community, the website, the recipes, the positive energy, the list goes on. I first tried the 30-day smoothie challenge one summer 3 years ago, and it was fun, easy, and hooked me into the smoothie world. Then I joined the community and found the recipes and meal plans. That was a game-changer for me! They make it so easy to eat clean and healthy. And the cleanses! I've done the 21-day cleanses (both summer and winter) and they really reset your energy and get results. I can't say enough great things about the easy and tastiness of the recipes.

Marina Muñoz

I love the variety of recipes. I would love to see the instructions for a recipe when I click on it through the weekly planner. Otherwise I have to exit the ingredients, exit the weekly planner, switch to the recipes, look for the recipe again and pull it.


I love RTY! The meal planner is especially handy, since you can search recipes by ingredient and build a weekly meal plan around what you have in your kitchen.

Tamara Owens

I started with the Spring cleanse and lost 8 pounds. I felt so much better and loved so many of the recipes that I had to keep going!

Stacey Bixby

I began my journey with RTY by way of the 21 day cleanse. I was so amazed at how great the recipe's were that I signed up for a membership. The recipe's truly are amazing and so full of flavor. I don't use the meal planner as much as I thought I would. I don't find it to be user friendly. I do have a subscription for the Protein Smoothie Boost and it is better than any other green protein powder I have tried in the past. I purchased 2 cookbooks and have read through them twice in the couple of weeks I have had them. The tips and tricks throughout the books are so helpful that I have reduced time in the kitchen and saved a bundle on veggies and fruits that would have otherwise gone bad. Unfortunately the recipe app is not included with the membership which is a real bummer since I sometimes planning on the go is necessary.

Many have experienced weight loss and while that would be wonderful I have not. I do however, feel great! My energy levels have increased and the brain fog has lifted. I experience fewer tummy aches and overall just feel better. I have begun converting my family and a few friends to this healthier and tastier way of eating and they too have had more energy and overall feel better. I recommend RTY and SGS to anyone and everyone who will listen.

Krista Simmons

RTY is great. I love have healthy recipes at my fingertips. I also love the thought put into each meal plan. I have experienced and new green smoothie habit and I’m so grateful!

Sandra Melanson-Aussem

So I am totally convinced that plant based foods help my mind and body operate on a higher plane! I feel great and the recipes are so tasty. I like that the menu is prepared for several days and allows me to customize the week and prepares a grocery list! Great support from the owners and the community of Rawkstars. Fast response

Kristy Berry

I love this community! So supportive! Communication is super fast!

Sarah Rau

I love RTY and the recipes. Plus the new website is AMAZING and easy to use. While I don't use it all the time, I love when I do. I always feel much healthier and more energized from my food. After a cleanse, I feel like a new person. Over the last year I have completely given up coffee and other energy drinks. Another bonus is that I have continued to lose weight.

Jeanette Iuzzolino

It all started with the 10 day smoothie challenge. I loved the recipes and learning how to prep ahead. The group support and being able to share with one another was a benefit. At that point I joined the group and went on to the 7 day thrive and 21 day cleanses. I used the weekly meal planner, which was a bonus, to print and have a shopping list in hand so I could be ready. Having everything planned and prepped definitely helps you stay focused. My energy level increased, skin started glowing(even my husband noticed), slept better and even my acid reflux went away! Yes I even lost weight.