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Autumn Cleanse Kit

I'm shocked with the results! I lost 9 lbs in 2 weeks. I've felt satisfied and never hungry. The shopping and food prep time is intense, but if it weren't for that, I'd eat this way all the time because of how great I feel.— Meredith V.

Reset cravings, lose weight and gain energy with a plant-based whole foods protocol for 21 days. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling trapped in a body holding you back from living your best life. Now is your fresh start!

21-Day Cleanse Kit:

  • 3 weekly meal plans
  • 62 plant-based whole foods recipes
  • weekly shopping lists
  • prep guides

Upgrade to our + 90-Day Maintenance: 400 bonus recipes, alumni Facebook group, group challenges, dessert cookbook and at home full body fitness program.

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Customer Reviews

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Autumn cleanse review

My husband and I did the cleanse together and we were both pleasantly surprised. The food was very good. We didn't prepare the snacks just due to lack of time, but the other meals were filling and satisfying. I will do another round of the cleanse after Thanksgiving. He will do another round but incorporate his coffee, cream and 1 cookie (a huge reduction from his previous 4 cookies a day).

Krista Ginter
Plants rock!

This is my second 21-day cleanse. Since I am a big fan of nuts and seeds, there are so many recipes right up my alley! The green smoothies are a quick way to get in your greens for the day and the snacks are delicious. I was never hungry and I look forward to eating more plant-based meals in the future. Thanks Jen and team! 🥦💚

Melissa Frye
Celebrate Progress

The Autumn cleanse was the first time I've ever bought a program that was longer than a week. I've done a few whole30s on my own, so I've eliminated dairy and gluten before, but I've never, I repeat, NEVER eliminated coffee. I was so surprised, but I did it! I went 3 weeks without coffee!!!! The first week was tough with withdrawal, but I am so proud of myself. Now that it's over, I told myself that I can have some coffee because I love it so much, but I have promised myself not to allow it to get out of control. I was drinking upwards to 4-5 cups a day!

As for the rest of the cleanse, it was much easier than I anticipated. I did some prep on the weekends; I prepped the morning tonic and bagged all the smoothies. That made the mornings go much smoother. Many of the recipes were delicious. There are several that we will repeat in the future and some that we wont. The best part is that the community develops a posture of celebration! I was not a perfect cleanser. My birthday was in the middle and I celebrated. We had a few family events and I couldn't follow the menu perfectly, but I still feel accomplished. I ate more vegetables and hardly any meat for 21 days. It made a more plant-based diet feel attainable and I'm proud of myself. I'm glad I did it!

A New Lease On Life

I’m not sure how I found the Soup Challenge (glad I did) but it helped me to join the 21 Day Challenge. Due to work I wasn’t able to do it fully but I’d has given me the chance to reevaluate how I want to live my life healthier and more plant based. I would recommend it to anyone! Rawk On!

Life-changing way to eat + live

I did my first cleanse in 2013 and it was rough! I'd never done anything like this and am a slightly picky eater... so most of the food was new to me. Yet 8 years later, I look forward to doing this cleanse more and more each year. Sometimes I do the whole plan for 21 days, sometimes I lighten it up by doing smoothies + snacks then eating a healthier yet not full cleanse dinner... you really can make it work for you. This cleanse has helped me out of emotional slumps, start postpartum weight loss, resolve my acne issues and just gives me a good reset when I need it. I've learned what I love and how to thrive during this cleanse with all my fave recipes. It is seriously life-changing... I definitely don't eat the same way in general than I did 8 years ago and smoothies + cleanses are the reason why! I crave healthy meals and snacks now.

cara Levinson
My Go-to

When I feel like I am off the rails nutritionally I turn to the 3 week cleanse. And the Autumn Cleanse has been the best one yet.

Yes, it is a lot of prep work. But that focus on having to think through the prep, how to shop, what the next meals is…is part of why this works for me.

The meals are delicious and I was never hungry. Sure I missed my nightly glass of wine, but the best part of the cleanse for me is that after 3 days I stop craving caffeine, sugar, and carbs.

The social community and support from Jen and team really keeps the energy up and the focus on.

My plans is to generally follow the plan for the rest of the year to get through the holidays without losing control, but still enjoying the great food that comes with the holidays.

I lost 5 pounds and hope to lose 5 more.

Cheryl Brueggeman
21 Day Autumn Cleanse, 2021

Enjoyed my first ever cleanse. I've tried before to give up refined sugar and lower my caffeine intake, but it just didn't last. Being in this group made me accountable and all the support kept me going even when I was tempted to quit. The meal plans are delicious and relatively easy to prepare. Jen and her staff have done a phenomenal job of putting together a program that is healthy and satisfying. Having the meal plan and shopping list each week are golden! I always try to eat healthfully, but get into a rut. Having a library of delicious recipes is so helpful. As someone with food intolerances, having lists of substitutions and alternate meals that were cleanse friendly made a huge difference in my success. All in all, it was a great experience. I am looking forward to keeping up the work I've started. Thank you Jen and staff for a wonderful program and thanks to my new Facebook buddies.

Life Changing

I am so amazed by the Autumn Cleanse! I started the cleanse to help with transitioning to a plant based lifestyle. I tried other apps and books, but none of them lasted for more than a few days. When I started the Simple Green Smoothies Autumn Cleanse, I immediately noticed the difference and knew that I could make the change. The food is so good! I was never hungry. I actually had more food than I could eat, which I shared with my daughter. She loved the Abrosia and Rawsome Tacos, and asked for me to make them again. As an added bonus, I lost weight, felt lighter on my feet, my joints stopped creaking, I gained so much energy, and started sleeping through the night. This cleanse showed me how to make the change and I am so grateful.

Tina (PTA) Finks
Finally found the eat style that suits my life style!

In May of 2021, it was determined emergency surgery was needed to remove what appeared to be a bowel obstruction, resulting in the removal of a tumor and 10 inches of the lower intestine. Intro to this I have been in and out of the emergency room for 18months with what was thought to be IBS resulting in constant nonstop indigestion, heartburn, severe abdominal pain, and an inability to lead an active life, and my only relief was a morphine drip.

Once my surgery was done, I was so relieved, and I thought all my symptoms would go away, but they did not. For the first time in my life, I said *f*it - I ate and drank whatever I wanted, chewed antacids like candy daily, and my weight ballooned, my mood darkened, and general unhappiest.

Six months later heading back to my 20 year yoga practice and teacher training, I was determined to find something authentic and marry practice what you preach. Along came the 21day cleanse, and thought what the hell, on with the show.

First three days where unbearably hard and I put myself to bed at 7pm every night,
Chopping and cooking were ridiculously, but I survived and enlisted whole foods and a perfect friend to help me prep and cook!
My weight was stubborn, and refused to move the scale; however, my bloating in my stomach went down considerably, encouraging me to stay the course,
I have not taken any medications regarding my IBS, zero heartburn, indigestion, or stomach disharmony (except for vegan has cakes). Which is a win that my body is becoming fine-tuned, and I know exactly what caused the issue,
On day 12 my scale gave min and moved 6.6 pounds,
I have pep in my step,
Have gotten off the couch and over my pity party,
Mood has lightened - some sense of humor has returned,
I no longer feel heavy in my heart and joints,
Proud of myself for staying the course and not giving up on myself,
Zero I mean ZERO sugar cravings,
Loved the Facebook page and coaching support during the process,
This biggest win was moving through my teacher training this weekend with authentic purpose,
Looking forward to the joining the Rawkstar community and the next 90 days.
With much gratitude and humble heart xo T

Emily Vockeroth
I did it!

I started with the summer cleanse which is only a week, this was definitely a bigger commitment but I did it! Even week 3 I was thinking about the food I was missing but now that I'm at the end, I'm not really sure I want to introduce "old" foods quite yet...! You really do change habits in 21 days! I really appreciated the community support in the FB group, it kept me motivated and inspired. I've got lots of new recipes to include in my weekly plan that I may not have tried otherwise, thanks for a great cleanse!!