Let's Eat: Dinner Made Simple (Summer)

Get your whole family excited about healthy eating this summer! Let’s Eat is a 4-week vegetarian meal plan that’s family friendly and kid-approved.

This month-long summer dinner menu is full of healthy, veggie-based twists on family favs like warm sandwiches, burrito bowls and pizza. We’ve packed tons of plant-powered, high-nutrient foods into these recipes so you can nourish your family without a fuss and happily answer “What’s for dinner?”


  • A four-week vegetarian dinner meal plan using summer ingredients
  • Weekly shopping lists to save money, time and sanity
  • Prep tips to help you dedicate one day a week to chopping, cutting, and prepping
  • NOTE: This dinner meal plan contains dairy, nuts, gluten and eggs. If you're looking for a gluten-free, dairy-free meal plan, check out Fresh Start 21.



“Prep tips made it come together quickly. Meals were tasty. Family had NO complaints even though they were eating meatless - they liked it [Let’s Eat] as much as unhealthy/less healthy recipes.” -Jennifer Lennon