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Protein Smoothie Boost

I'm glad to have a protein powder that adds so much benefit without the grit! I'm also thrilled that it has just 3 healthy ingredients - no fillers, preservatives etc. I'm a fan!— Bevin E.

  • One scoop of Protein Smoothie Boost transforms your smoothie into a quick, healthy meal with protein, healthy fats and fiber. Smooth texture, no sugars, no stevia, no junk. Made in small batches to guarantee freshness + quality.

  • • USDA Certified Organic Ingredients: hemp protein, chia seeds, flaxseed (that's it!)
    • 15 servings per container
    • Includes protein-packed mini recipe book


Customer Reviews

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Melanie J
Gluten Free Love

Although the Nima is not liked by all, it is my trusty, little friend! The protein powder ingredients are all Gluten Free -but, just to be save in regards to contamination, I wanted to test to see, and soooo happy to get a :-) which means no gluten found. Love everything about Simple Green Smoothies...especially the smoothie challenges & 15 day cleanse...and now the protein! You truly Rawk, Simple Green Smoothies!

Jimmye Porter
Protein smoothie blend

The boost added to my daily smoothies becomes a meal, keeping me full and satisfied.

Danyell Deshields
Simple green protein plant powder boost smoothie

Good morning wow other my favorites best frozen banana oatmeal coconut milk cinnamon with simple green protein plant powder healthy yummy 😍 ❤️😍

sonja Davis

Hi, I have been using the Protein Smoothie Boost more and more as I delve into making more smoothies. This is a little bit of a new area for me but am liking things so far.

Nicole P
Love this stuff

I’ve had the Simple Green Smoothies recipe book for a few years (and have bought it for someone else as a gift), and was sooo excited when the Simple Green team introduced their protein powder.

Other powders often don’t taste good…or force you to choose a flavored option…or include whey, which sometimes doesn’t agree with my body. The Simple Green protein powder really is “simple,” and I love that it’s plant-based. I just received my second canister and love it! #repeatcustomer

Tanya Shen

Protein Smoothie Boost

Suzonne Bunch
Great Product

I love the boost that this protein powder gives me. There are no additives, preservatives, flavors or sugars so you taste your smoothie, not your protein powder!


Healthy, great tasting. One of my favorite smoothie add-ons hands down. I've been adding for over 6 months and love it!

Rose Buckley
Pure genius and goodness

Love the Protein Smoothie Boost. Just pure goodness

Yum yum

Good product, not chalky