Simple 7: LEAN+GREEN

Boost your Simple 7 daily smoothie with our meal replacement kit. This 27-page PDF is all you need to up your green smoothie game with a daily meal replacement. You'll effortlessly lose weight and feel great. We've packed this digital kit with resources on blending, superfoods and useful articles to make healthy eating fun.


With Simple 7: Lean+Green, you'll get...

  • 7 meal replacement green smoothie recipes
  • Shopping list and daily recipe guide
  • Our go-to meal replacement smoothie combo (that you can easily find at your market)
  • 5 plant-powered superfood combos for ideal meal replacement smoothies
  • Shop guide to learn our top brands + products we blend with
  • Swap guide for allergies or sensitivities
  • Smoothie prep guide to save time blending
  • BONUS: Rawkstar Mobile Recipes w/ 52 green smoothie recipes


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