Smoothie Booster Cubes (digital)

$ 5.00

Create your own smoothie cubes to boost your daily smoothies. Each smoothie cube has been created to help with a specific need, yet the beauty of plants is they often have a chain reaction of incredible benefits.

  • Signature smoothie booster cube recipes to naturally boost health, heal common ailments, and prevent sickness
  • ​Includes these targeted health benefits: antioxidant booster, vitamin C booster, anti-inflammatory booster, alkaline booster, electrolyte booster, immunity booster, and healthy fats booster​
  • A chart to explain exactly how each colored-cube boosts your body
  • Suggested smoothie recipes to use with each cube

This is a digital recipe book, meaning you can access it immediately on your digital device (ipad, phone, laptop as an interactive PDF) after purchase.