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Soup Challenge

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Milissa Gerber
Soup Trooper

My absolute 100% number One favorite soup is the Hearty Red Lentil soup. The depth of flavors in that soup is unbelievable. For my first time cooking with red lentils - mind blown. I can’t thank you enough!!
It for me is a winner. I loved it so much. I was telling everyone about it. It’s my new favorite soup. I’m adding it to my Christmas Eve dinner menu.
This whole entire experience was Amazing and fun. I’m sad it’s over. I wish there were some more soups to make. I will look at all of the other recipes on the site and try them as well.
I grew up with my Grandmother making soups out of anything and everything. Leftovers go in the pot and we make a soup. You can be so versatile and bring so much flavor and make healthy choices. With fresh vegetables and flavorful broths. Soup is also a great comfort food.
It brings family and friends together.
During this ten day challenge I shared these recipes with family and coworkers. I listed it on my Facebook page to share, and inspire others. It’s fun , exciting, and good food makes people happy. We eat food to live, and we should love what we are eating. I am a very visual eater. All of the soups were vibrant in color and beautiful when plated. I enjoy cooking, if you have another challenge I would love to do this again. Thank you for sharing your recipes with me, and sharing your joy of cooking from your family to ours.

Nikki K.
Rawking Soups this Season!

Loved this challenge! It was amazing to get so much yummy goodness from plant-based soups. Never missed dairy with these recipes. My favorite is the Thai Coconut soup.

Rebecca BH
This was a Souper (Super) Challenge

I loved all the soups. It's really hard to pick a favorite but I will be making them all again. Just not for 10 days in a row!!! LOL

I have a freezer full of healthy soups for the fall/winter and that is something that I'm very happy about. I appreciate the recipes and the support in the challenge.


Phyllis Brown
Soup for Thought

What I liked best about the challenge was learning. I have never purchased leeks and several of the spices before or combined many of the vegetables used together to create. I was amazed at how delicious the combinations were. I have been a lifelong vegetarian so this was perfect for me. I eat healthy and feel much better when I incorporate many vegan dishes in my diet. All of the recipes were easy to make and excellent.
This class has given me knowledge for the future to creating many other dishes. It also was fun and something to look forward to every day. 😊 Thank you!

Robin M
Soup so good!

Loved the soup challenge. It was my third SGS Challenge and it might be my favorite (with the salads a close second). I loved 90% of the soups and will for sure be making 5-6 of them again. I love this challenges because I get to use my appliances to their full potential! Great challenge, keep up the good work!

Roberta C.
You RAWK so hard, soup!

I am naturally a soup fan, I always have been, so joining the 10 day soup challenge was tons of fun for me, but I wasn’t sure my family could stay the course. The challenge for me was that all the soups were vegetarian. I was sure they would leave my family unfulfilled. Boy, was I wrong! These soups were amazing and leave you wanting nothing! I love how the flavors of all the ingredients work in concert with one another. My taste, smell, body and soul were satisfied, and my family loved it! Thank you so much for this challenge! I can’t wait for the next one!

Robin Smith
I am now a "soupa freak"!

I was never really a soup person since I have lived in a year-round hot climate for the past 32 years. However, due to now living in a 4 season climate and it being cool outside, I decided to enter it (and I really wanted to win that Vitamix for my son and his family 😉)
We live in a remote mountain town in a camper with limited amenities and kitchen tools, but these recipes were easily adaptable and delicious. Being a vegan, I loved that they were all plant based and didn't have to convert them. It was fun and I am now a soup person! My favorite was the Thai coconut. The tomato, potato, lentil, and vegetable noodle were close seconds. I will definitely be making these again!
Thank you so much!

Shannon Harris
It’s easier than you think to pack more veggies into your day.

This is my second time doing the soup challenge. Participating has really shown me a different way I can approach food in the kitchen. I had no idea lentils were so easy to work with. I never used them before, and now I use them weekly.
There have been many times that I’ll chop up a bunch of veg now and do a soup or let the broth cook down to a bowl, instead of reaching for a frozen meal. I even find the chopping fun now!

Sue B
Soup-er Veggie Tales

I've never bought so many vegetables and actually used them all before they went bad, lol! That alone was a win for me. I loved the variety of soups, not just the different flavors but the different textures too. They were all surprisingly simple to make and had ingredients that were easy to find. I've been trying to eat more plant based/vegan and this was a big help. I also now have a freezer stacked with yummy leftovers! Will definitely keep this going a little longer because I love how I feel. I've even lost a few pounds which was an unexpected bonus. This challenge was the boost I needed to get on a better health path. Thank you!!

Sylvia W
Souped up life!

The challenge was great motivation to create my own healthy, nourishing soups & have them on hand in the freezer instead of using store-boughts! And fun to boot!
Previous staple meal was salad plus proteins; now have added great soups!

Thanks Jen!