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Spring Cleanse Kit

I'm shocked with the results! I lost 9 lbs in 2 weeks. I've felt satisfied and never hungry. The shopping and food prep time is intense, but if it weren't for that, I'd eat this way all the time because of how great I feel.— Meredith V.

  • Reset cravings, lose weight and gain energy with a plant-based whole foods protocol for 21 days.Nothing is more frustrating than feeling trapped in a body holding you back from living your best life. Now is your fresh start!

  • Ultimate Kit: 21-Day Cleanse Printed Book, Digital Program, Organic Protein Smoothie Boost, Artisan Wood + Metal Scoop, Signature Mason Jar + Lid, 4 Stainless Steel Smoothie Straws

    Digital Access: 21-Day Digital Cleanse Program you can access on your electronic devices. Printable shopping lists and weekly meal plans.

  • Health benefits that can happen during the 21 days include reduced bloating, better sleep, weight loss, stronger immune system and more energy.
Cleanse Package

Customer Reviews

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Karen O
From a heart of gratitude

The Spring Cleanse Kit has been more than I imagined! The quality of recipes, depth of knowledge that is shared is amazing. Having the meal plan and shopping list has made this a literal God send. My husband enjoyed the wonderful meals alongside me. I was completely satisfied and was amazed that the cravings for unhealthy foods just wasn’t there as these meals and snacks really were so delicious and gave my body what it really needed nutritionally. Thank you so much!!

Erica Gibson
Eyes (and mouth) wide open

This cleanse was a great experience for me. I learned to prepare vegetables in ways I never thought of before and really enjoyed the new combinations. I liked the fact that everything was planned out from day to day meals, grocery lists, and prep work suggestions while also allowing for flexibility within each week. I feel having an exact plan makes this easier to follow and the flexibility of moving meals around or doubling up on a meal you like keeps you more motivated to stay with it. Would 100% do it again!

Becky Bronson

This cleanse should get a 10-star review! I loved not having to worry about any meal planning for 3 weeks. The idea of simply "following the plan" really worked for me. Thanks to Jen and everyone else who helped put this together. You all rock!!!!

Janae Fletcher
Just What I Needed

This cleanse was just what I needed! I got back to the simplicity of whole foods and the significant impact they have on my health and feeling of vitality. Thank you so much or the recipes, support and ideas when the struggles were real. I feel reset and ready to explore more options of healthy eating to support a life I love waking up to. Thank you again. I am completely grateful. ~Janae

Huge Success!!

The Fresh Start Cleanse was exactly what I needed!! I’ve been dealing with chronic, daily, sometimes unbearable, pain since 2007 and joint pain in my hips, knees, and ankles for 32 years, on top of fighting horrible social anxiety my entire life. I had gained “happy” weight over the last 8 months that I just didn’t have the energy to lose. I’m a OR travel nurse, so I’m on my feet most days and average 10k steps. I would go to work exhausted and leave work even more exhausted. With the cleanse, I have new found energy that I have not experienced in 25 years! I’m jogging or walking about 2 miles at least a couple of times a week now. I’m down 10#. I still struggle with some chronic pain, but most days it is no where near the frequency and intensity it was before the cleanse! I’ll keep trying to eat gluten-, dairy-, and processed food-free. Thank you for having this cleanse available and for the support and encouragement along the way!!

kelly b
Rawking Fresh Start 21

An easy way to reset your body. After a year of drinking and mindless eating, it was time to get real! Fresh Start 21 works! Why? Because you are never hungry, every single meal and snack is layout out for you, easy to follow shopping list, and most importantly, Facebook and weekly zoom meeting support. A must for all seasons!

Kylie Waller

Spring Cleanse Kit

Linda M.
Spring Cleanse Rawks

I am almost done with my cleanse and feel great. I may even do it all over again. The receipes are great . Some of the meals will definitely become staples in my diet. This one of the best gifts I have ever given to myself.

Sarah C
Feeling great!

I am so pleased with the spring cleanse and so happy I bought it! The food taste amazing, it’s so simple to follow and my husband and I are both feeling great. Thank you for all the hard work you put into the cleanse to make it so simple for us!

This is a love note...

This really is going to be a love note. I have purchased a lot of cookbooks, tried a lot of diets and programs and cleanses, and when yours came along, I thought, Really, Terra? You're going to buy into another thing? Well, I am SO GLAD I DID!
I would like to share quite simply why this cleanse has worked for me and why I'm going to make it my default way of eating going forward:
1. You spell out exactly what's on the menu.
I hate meal planning. I do great if someone just tells me what to eat. I'll eat the same thing over and over if I just don't have to think about it. But that's not enough to keep me committed, because I hate buying particular ingredients for one recipe and then wasting food, and I am not good at charting it all out to make other stuff that incorporates the same things. However....
2. You provide the shopping list.
This is SO HUGE for me. It's the true game changer. I don't have to go through every recipe, try to figure out each thing I need and then inevitably forget a critical ingredient.
3. You simplify the process with the prep tips. If I had to choose between prep tips or the shopping list, I'd chose the shopping list, but it is SUPER helpful to be told to reserve this, freeze that, use this in week three, etc.
4. You have crafted some incredibly delicious recipes!!!
The magic is often in the sauces and I have never been good at that. But now, armed with Cashew Cream and all it's variations (like the mayo equivalent for slaw and the Waldorf Salad), homemade ketchup/BBQ sauce from the BBQ potato rounds recipe, the sauce from the asparagus stir fry, and the strawberry basil dressing, I feel like a culinary goddess! I could eat the strawberry dressing like soup, and I have drizzled (or poured : ) it on the avocado lime pops that I freeze in cups and also on the Carrot Cake Warrior Bars. And I've actually mixed all three of those together a time or two.
The food has been incredibly good, my cravings are non-existent. In fact, I find my appetite is reduced so much, I have to force myself to eat at times. I feel so good knowing I am flooding my body with nutrients and real food each time I eat a meal, snack or smoothie. This is exactly what I needed to stay on track with making my own food and eating well. Thank you SO much! I plan to continue exploring what you have to offer after the cleanse is over. I also plan to repeat this three week plan once we're done with the initial run, just to cement my current routine.
Terra Jackson