Summer Cleanse Kit - Simple Green Smoothies

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Summer Cleanse Kit

This one-week journey was the most rewarding “self help” program I've ever participated in. Very yummy + easy recipes! The meal plan and shopping list were very helpful! It has changed my life positively! — Helen Rau

  • Experience more energy and weight loss as we teach you how to incorporate green smoothies, plant-based meals, whole foods, healing tonics and snacks into your busy days. Give your body a quick reset by eating delicious plant-based recipes for 7 days through this digital cleanse kit.

  • Common results during the 7 day cleanse:
    • reduced bloating
    • better sleep
    • weight loss
    • more energy
    • reduced sugar cravings

Customer Reviews

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Summer Cleanse Kit

I did the seven-day plant-based cleanse, and the food was very satisfying. I already do smoothies and your recipes just added to my collection. I use my metal straws often and I have used several of the recipes again. What I liked most about the Summer Cleanse Kit was the meal preplan. I knew for the entire week what to prepare for my meals and I had the grocery items in my home. I need to get better with meal preplanning. I tried to send a review right after the summer cleanse but I was unable to submit the information because I am a baby boomer and did not have any pictures of my meals.

Lucia Miller

Delicious recipes! Great cleanse!

Helen Arco

Summer Cleanse Kit

Judith Hartman
Great information

Really like the information. Great value for the price

Laurie Keady

Summer Cleanse Kit

Emily V.
Love it!

I've been loving Jen's meal cookbook for the last year and a half so I was excited to finally try a cleanse. It was amazing! The food was even quicker to prepare than I thought and I have so many new favorite go to snacks and meals now. I especially loved not having to make meal choices for a whole week, everything was laid out for me! I was never hungry, if anything, I had trouble finishing sometimes! I don't know how she and her team come up with such delicious and satisfying recipes, but I'm hooked :-)

Great experience!

The summer cleanse great! Felt so much more energy, and it was a great way to bring more veggies and fruit into my diet. I was really impressed with the quality of the recipes. I also felt it was hard to keep up with all the snacks.

Marc McKenzie

Summer Cleanse Kit

Guro Hirsch
So Great!

Loved the recipes as well as support! Feeling amazing ❤️

Brittney York
"Thriving" from the Summer Cleanse Thrive

I LOVED the 7 day cleanse! I feel an energy that I never felt before. The turmeric tonic has helped curb my appetite tremendously! I'm drinking it everyday from now on! I highly recommend this cleanse!