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The 30-Day Smoothie Challenge (digital)

Discover the 5-minute habit that can unlock more energy, less weight & glowing skin. This smoothie challenge has helped millions of people experience natural energy and effortless weight loss... without counting calories or deprivation.

The 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge empowers you to take control of your health JUST by adding one tasty green smoothie into your diet. You'll start by eating your normal snacks and meals during the challenge. Yet just by adding in one green smoothie a day, you'll begin to watch your body transform, your cravings change and the rest of your diet naturally change too! 

  • Full-Color Instant Download Recipe Book 
  • 20+ Tasty Green Smoothie Recipes
  • Weekly Shopping Lists
  • Weekly Video Demonstrations
  • The Ultimate Smoothie Prep Guide
  • Accountability + Support Group

This is a digital recipe book, meaning you can access it immediately on your digital device (ipad, phone, laptop as an interactive PDF) after purchase.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Marlene Miramontes
Awesome Week

I been liking making and drinking smoothies for breakfast. I find it that the smoothies filled me up and I don’t feel hungry.

Moria Aicher
Great challenge

I am enjoying the challenge, but my nutritionist is a little concerned about the level of sugar from the fruit. I use mango, berries mostly. Can you put beets in the smoothie?

Jillian Jurilla

An amazing lifestyle change! I only wish some of the recipes incorporated more boosters for a total meal replacement vs me having to decide which to add.

Anne Béchard

Varié et super !

Anne B.

Variétés et simplicité ! Parfait !

Melanie S.
A great Smoothie challenge. Great

A great Smoothie challenge. Great recipes beautifully done.


The first time I drank a green smoothie, I thought, there's no way I am drinking leafy greens! So I signed up for a 30-day challenge, and since then, I've been drinking a green smoothie every day. It's the gateway to a healthier life... one that I'm now sharing with my toddler all these years later!

Carole S.
Loving the recipes keeps me

Loving the recipes keeps me on the straight and narrow could do with getting a simple green recipe book instead of having to find them on my laptop

Tina J.

I am loving being back on daily green smoothies. I feel so much better and no longer tired by mid afternoon. I have so much more energy.

Tobi M.

I did the 30 day smoothie challenge five years ago to support my sister during her cancer treatment because she was a strict juicing diet and no processed sugar. So I decided to do it again with the craziness of this year and getting back on a healthy reset. I talk about my green smoothie routine all the time that others have asked me how did I get started. Now the green smoothie is a part of my daily routine it's helps me not eat junk food. Now living back with my parents and sister I encourage everyone to drink a green smoothie so it's become a family affair.