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7-Day Cleanse Collection

Thrive Reset is the road map for embracing a plant-based diet that you enjoy. With our Digital 7-day cleanse, we'll teach you how to incorporate green smoothies, plant-based meals, whole foods, healing tonics and snacks into your busy days. You'll also boost your energy levels, heal your skin + lose weight effortlessly (if needed). Your body will transform before your eyes just by eating more plants

Includes FOUR cleanse programs with digital access:

  • Spring 7-Day Cleanse
  • Summer 7-Day Cleanse
  • Autumn 7-Day Cleanse
  • Winter 7-Day Cleanse

Customer Reviews

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Julie Januska

Winter Cleanse Kit

I Am New

I purchased the protein powder and scoop. It blends very well in my smoothies. The scoop is very pretty. Before that, I purchased THRIVE WINTER. It was interesting putting all the meals together, but I felt good trying this new thing.

Laurie R.

A while ago I purchased Simple Green Smoothies and Simple Green Meals and I love them both. They were both very reasonably priced and very informative. However, with Thrive A 7-Day Reset, I am very disappointed in the amount that I paid ($50) for what little I received and I feel like I was taken advantage of. I am sorry that I even bought the Thrive book and I probably will not buy anything else if your prices are going to be so outrageously high.

Lisa Sanders

This cleanse was wonderful. The recipes were tasty and easy to follow. The hardest part was eating all the delicious food! Between the smoothies, snacks and meals I never felt deprived. I lost five pounds and have more energy. Cashew cream is amazing!

Nancy Johnson

Jen's recipes are a refreshing change from my same 'ole plant-based fare. The time and effort she invests in recipe development is so clear. The food is delicious, satisfying and beautiful to boot! The shopping lists and prep hacks set me up for success. I took her suggestion and did all my prep the Sunday before I started the Reset: it was a big push, and worth every moment. Thanks, Jen for another brilliant, user-friendly, creative, inspired kit! YUM!

Lynne Miles

The cookbook and protein powder is well worth a buy. Did I need the cup and scoop? Nope, but thought it would be fun.

Hege Nolop

Delicious recipes that give you a boost of energy, makes you feel good and sleep better. These are my go to recipes even when I am not doing the cleanse. I add a piece of chicken or salmon to make a fuller meal and to make my hubby happy. The smoothies are always a hit, and perfect in the afternoon to tide me over to dinner. Love it!!!

Michelle T. Logan

It’s amazing how concise everything is in this Cleanse kit! You can tell that it was created with love and true passion for their customers.

Adriana Lajud del Valle

The recipes are great, the support group is marvelous. I would have loved to be able to purchase the other products.

Marion Del Castillo

It’s a wonderful way to introduce myself to a vegan lifestyle and I lost weight and limited my digestive issues like bloating and gas along the way! :)