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Winter Cleanse

Experience more energy and weight loss by incorporate cleansing smoothies, plant-based meals, whole foods, healing tonics and snacks into your busy days. Lose weight, gain energy, reduce bloating and sleep better with our quick 7-day reset.

Winter Cleanse Kit Includes:

  • 7-day nutrition plan
  • 25 plant-based whole food recipes
  • shopping list + prep guide
  • daily coaching emails

Upgrade to + 90-Day Maintenance: 400 bonus recipes, alumni Facebook group, group challenges, dessert cookbook and at home full body fitness program.

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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Sandoval
Challenging but worth it!

I really wanted to start incorporating more plant-based meals in my diet but I honestly didn’t know where to begin. The 7-Day Winter Cleanse has turned out to be just what I needed. It has provided me with a great starting point. Plus, I love a majority of the meals on the meal plan. It was the best decision I could’ve made for myself. I did get withdrawal symptoms but I’m feeling amazing now. Another added bonus is that I’m feeling a bit more confident in the kitchen as have always hated cooking. So all in all, this was a great experience. Thank you for this!!!

Sharon V. (Cincinnati, US)
7 day cleanse

I thought the 7 day cleanse was fantastic! I am not a vegetarian so the thought of giving up all meat, eggs & dairy was a little frightening! I stuck with the meal plan and surprisingly I did not miss them! My favorites were the maple almond bowl, thai almond dip, cauliflower rice bowl, pumpkin chia bowl & the chamomile lavender tea. My least favorite was the cauliflower soup. This cleanse is a great way to introduce a vegetarian lifestyle. I did have a headache the first day and was tired the first days but felt great the rest of the week!

Aja Holmes (San Francisco, US)
Just the Kick Start I Needed

Every year I look forward to this cleanse as a way to reset, begin anew and recommit to my health journey! The recipes are fresh, tasty and just what I needed. You don’t have to do the thinking- they did it for you and some of the sauces and dressings, I would have never come up with those combinations! To be in community with other folks who are going through the cleanse with you, helps you make it to the finish line! Since doing the cleanse I am 5lbs down just by eating healthy. Every year I do it, I feel healthier and healthier!

V.R. (Milford, US)
7-Day Winter Cleanse

I have done other detox and cleanse programs in the past and this one was by far the most fun! I love to cook and spend time in the kitchen creating. The recipes really inspired me! The support of SGS and the participants was phenomenal!! Thanks for a great kick-start to the year! #RAWKon!

Tanya De Herrera (Carthage, US)

I have followed Simple Green Smoothies for awhile now. It has been probably 6-7 years since I last did their cleanse (their 21day cleanse) and recently did their 10-day soup and 10-day smoothie challenges. I am always amazed at how delicious not only their smoothies are, but also the snacks and meals. I highly recommend! I learned a lot about myself over the course of this cleanse. My poor time management skills and lack of time to prep due to a hectic schedule before and during the cleanse almost derailed me, but I made it! And I feel amazing and energized! I think the best part was being able to interact with the supportive community of Rawksters. A word of advice: take the time to prep as much as you can before the start of the cleanse. It will save so much time!

Sylvie (Acton, US)
Getting back on track - 7-day winter cleanse

I just finished the 7 day winter cleanse and it was fabulous!!! Great tasting smoothies and wonderful meal recipes. I've been following Jen since her early beginning when she was with Jada, so I am not new to green smoothies. Turning 60 this year, with blood work less than ideal, I knew I needed to get serious about my diet again. Since the cleanse finished 2 days before my birthday, signing up was the perfect present to myself to ensure I live the next year (decades) to the fullest. 60, here I come! This 7-day cleanse gave me the boost and confidence that I can do this and get my body back to where it needs to be to feel alive. In just one week, I can already feel the benefits. Puffiness, bloating, inflammation, fogginess : gone!
What I like about the cleanses is that you not only cleanse so your body functions better, you also nourish it with wonderful foods. So don't be scared of the word "cleanse". It's really not that difficult when you eat delicious food. I've done the 21-day cleanse 5 or 6 years ago so I knew what I was getting into. It has grown so much! It's a very well oiled machine with explicit details to ensure everyone's success. The 2 live calls are a bonus. Jen's excitement is contagious! And her team is always there to answer questions or give input in the private Fb group. Such an encouraging group.
Since I need to incorporate more plant-based meals into my diet, this cleanse introduced me to new recipes. Finding clean great tasting plant-base recipes out there is not easy. I knew SGS would come to the rescue. I still make some of the recipes from the first cleanse from 6 years ago. That's how good the recipes are. Rawesome tacos anyone? Thanks Jen for a great boost in energy and getting me back into a more plant-base lifestyle. Peace, Love & Leafy greens.

Melyssa Prince (Houston, US)
nice dinner recipes

I first learned about Simple Green Smoothies when I participated in the 10-day Soup Challenge in the fall of 2021. I really had fun and enjoyed that program. I signed up for the 7-day Reset Cleanse thinking it would be similar. I was wrong. It was not what I expected. I learned a lot of things from Jen, but I also learned some things about myself. I do not enjoy drinking my food. Too many nuts do not agree with me, and several of the flavors (e.g., pureed cucumber) made me nauseous to the point of nearly vomiting. I drank plenty of water - way more than usual - however, my lips were so chapped, they cracked. Having said all that, the best part of the experience was learning some new plant-based meals to cook for dinner. I definitely will incorporate some of those tasty flavors into my evening meals. Overall, I think this is a great program, but it is not the program for me as a person who works full-time, enjoys carnivorous meals from time-to-time and cannot stomach smoothies (as I mentioned, I learned that by way of this program). I love Jen's enthusiasm and the support of the community. I wish I could participate in the future, but I know when I'm licked! Best wishes to everyone who is able to maintain this lifestyle!

Thanks so much for your feedback, Melyssa! We know this cleanse won't be for everyone yet we so appreciate you giving it a go and coming away with some new dinner recipes to incorporate into your meals.

Renee Lembcke Lembcke (Geelong, AU)

I absolutely loved doing the 7 day winter cleanse. I feel great and have more energy. All the meals and smoothies are easy to make and delicious. I also lost 4 kg.

Valerie Rodriguez (Daphne, US)
Lessons from the 7-Day Winter Cleanse

I learned a lot through this process and it has been enlightening and encouraging. I am 69, and I can honestly say, I wish I had known about this in my 40's. Adopting this lifestyle would have saved years of misery and expense due to medical issues. I have been following Jen and SGS since her beginning and I've Rawked along, inconsistently and certainly not at the Rawkstar level. I've even done a couple of 21 day cleanses and of course felt better and lost weight, and it was difficult for me to maintain that level of preparation & activity after the 21 days. This was much more focused on the overall benefits to be expected and to be more aware of how your body, mind, and spirit was responding. The daily encouraging emails were a huge motivator for me, and keet me going, giving me more determination to finish. Here are a few things I learned.
1. It's not a diet, but medicine to heal your body naturally.
2. Prep work is essential for staying on track.
3. The third day was awful. Nausea, fatigue and headache sent me to bed at 1 pm and I was down! I realized that my body had a LOT of toxic build-up to release.
4. The 4th day I had astonishing revelations! I woke up energized and my brain fog was gone! I could actually sit down to do my Bible study and stay focused and actually retain information. THIS IS HUGE!
5. I have come to a crossroads and realized it's crucial to my quality of life at age 69 to truly adopt this lifestyle. If I want to actually enjoy my 'Golden Years' I needed to adopt this lifestyle now!
I have a ways to go to achieve full Rawkstar credibility- but I am making those steps. Yesterday I actually bought a food processor to help reduce the chopping prep time! I haven't had one for several years. I turned leftover parsley and cilantro into ice cubes and also some lemon juice. I am drawing up a schedule and plan to be a more proactive prepper and I am going to finally use the menu planning in RAWK THE YEAR, on a weekly basis.
6. I learned I can do this!
And the availability of the tools and information provided by the website, blogs and emails make it possible because SGS has already done the research and organization needed to make it all successful.
7. I love the community! The sharing, support and encouragement is a big plus. I am a people person and thrive on positive social interactions and this aspect means a lot to me.
So, let's keep on Rawking It with Jen and the amazing team of Simple Green Smoothies!
Valerie Rodriguez

T.W. (Atlanta, US)
Truly was a reset with unexpected benefits

I’m glad that I spontaneously took the plunge and signed up! Despite being on vacation in an unfamiliar house and having a lot going on family wise, especially with a pending divorce, it felt good to do something so positive for myself.

Since I wasn’t home, I had to buy everything on the shopping list which was initially expensive and very time consuming because I was in an unfamiliar area. However, it was certainly a good value not only as an investment in my health, but also financially as I would have spent a lot more with just a few meals out.

The unexpected bonus was that my fast food loving 23 year old son who quickly turned down my invitation to join me was at least open enough to trying a well presented sample of my warm kale salad. He said that was “not actually bad”:) I immediately jumped to the taco salad, showed him the picture and asked if he would try it for dinner. He agreed! We both devoured it and wished there was more. Next, I made double of the coconut cauliflower rice dinner. He asked for seconds! He really liked the berry bowl crush, too. I know have several healthy recipes we both enjoy which is wonderful.

I was very satisfied with everything, learned a lot (including that cauliflower in a smoothly was ok when had right away), and never felt hungry. In fact, I didn’t even get to snacks most days.

I do wish I’d noticed the grocery list in my inbox Friday and gotten a head start shopping (especially to let avocados, pears and bananas ripen).

This is my first experience with Simple Green Smoothies and I wholeheartedly recommend it. And get the book. Flipping back and forth in it was easier than pdf.