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Wooden Mason Jar Lid

Choose between a custom walnut lid that fits on your regular mouth mason jar or wide mouth mason jar.  Whether you're on the move, working behind a desk or running errands, this lid will make it more fun getting in your green smoothie any day, any time. 

  • 1 walnut lid with silicone gasket + straw hole

  • Either lid has 8mm hole, fits all of our straws or smaller

Care : Hand wash in warm soapy water and dry completely to avoid splits in the wood.  Avoid soaking in water for prolonged periods of time.  Rub with mineral oil regularly, to preserve the wood. 

Mason Jar Size

Customer Reviews

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I use this lid daily

I use this lid daily with my smoothie. I love that it fits on any regular mouth mason jar, so I can put it on a smaller size if I'm doing a snack smoothie. Fits the stainless straws perfectly.

Jacqueline S.

Love it 😍


This lid as fun to smoothies and convenient to grab and go.

Amanda F.

Yes!! I’ve been waiting for Simple Green Smoothies to add wide mouth lids to their smoothie supplies. I am so excited. These are beautiful, sturdy, and perfect for taking my green smoothie on the go!

Sandra B.

I get so many compliments on my smoothie lid! It's made from gorgeous wood and fits perfectly on my mason jar and with the straw set too. I just ordered 2 more for my friends who keep asking me where I got it.


This is now my go-to smoothie lid. I love using a wider mouth jar for smoothies, and the SGS stainless steel straws fit perfectly in this lid. It's cute, doesn't leak out the side, and is super easy to clean. I do add mineral oil to it after every other wash.

Jen H.

As soon as I saw these, I knew I had to get them! They are perfect for my farmhouse-style kitchen vibe going on (def a Fixer Upper fan). These lids are literally made from solid wood and beautifully done, might I add. I have been storing my protein powder in them beside my Vitamix. People are always complimenting me on them too— so I know they must look good! Haha!