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Simple Green Smoothies

Enjoy 100+ delicious recipes that address everything from weight loss to glowing skin to family-friendly options. I believe these healthy smoothie recipes will make your tastebuds want to do the happy dance. 

In the book, Simple Green Smoothies, you're invited on a sane and tasty approach to health. The "rawkstar lifestyle" doesn't involve counting calories or eliminating an entire food group. Instead, it encourages you to make one simple change: drink one green smoothie a day.

Published by Rodale/Random House

Customer Reviews

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My health is improving and biological age is decreasing!

I use a whoop strap to track my health and fitness. My recovery trend since starting to have these awesome green smoothies had been going up in the green! I don't think I've ever had so many green recovery days in a row. This is my new normal and getting greener every day despite not working out at all this week due to an injury. I'm seriously amazed. These smoothies aren't too sweet like most smoothies and really focus on getting the green without too many sugars. I love them. Getting those extra polyphenols in every day is really making an improvement on my health that I can see in real time!

Natanya Boozer
It’s great!

Love the creations of smoothies and it’s a great addition to my healthy life choices and library

Rebecca Crowther
Dietitian Recommended!

As a Dietitian I’m always looking for good books to recommend to my clients. This is definitely one of them. Beautifully put together, great recipes and excellent information.

A MUST HAVE for every smoothie lover or newbie

I have followed the Simple Green Smoothies website for about a year and always liked their smoothies, but found it tedious to constantly scroll through my phone looking for a recipe. I love having a hard copy book that I keep right next to my Vitamix. I will usually just search for an ingredient I want to use in the index, such as avocado or pineapple, and then find one that uses most of what I have on hand. They explain everything in great detail for those that are new to green smoothies, including how to substitute different ingredients. We now have a green smoothie almost every day for breakfast - even my 1 year old daughter is a fan! I gave copies of this to several friends and family over the holiday and they all love it. A MUST HAVE.

Simple Green Smoothies is loaded!!!

I'm super excited that this little gem came today. I follow them on most of the social media's so I was happy when the announced a book was in the making. The book is sooooo colorful & beautifully made. Any recipe book that has pictures, definitely gets a 5 star rating from me. When you purchase this book, you will not be disappointed. It is so full of information to help you start your Green smoothie journey. CONGRATULATIONS Jen & Judah!!!!

Rawking Great Book!

I cannot recommend this enough. Having been a fan for awhile via Instagram and their Rawkstar emails, I was anxiously awaiting their first recipe book. I knew it would be great but I'm beyond impressed. Every smoothie I have made has been delicious, the recipes are all easy, the tips and tricks are fantastic, and it's a lovely looking book too! Recipes are 2 servings each and I've found they all keep very well in the fridge. Add some mason jars and reusable lids/straws too for a great getting started gift!

Simple is the key!

I have been following @simplegreensmoothies since March and have not looked back! Jen and Jadah are adorable and real women that inspire! The book is a great all in one tool that guides you to simply eat healthier. I love it because I don't have to scroll through websites trying to find ideas, it's all right there! This will also be my go to Christmas gift this year!

Mike Jenkins (Seattle, US)
Simply the Best!

Simple Green Smoothie is the best smoothie book ever. Such good content. Not only are the recipes so good but these amazing ladies help explain the fundamentals of making a smoothie beyond needing a recipe. I have replaced 1 meal a day with a green smoothie and physically feel better than I did before I started this journey. Thank you so much!

Janet Westphal (Columbus, US)

Simple Green Smoothies

Catherine Hearon (Levittown, US)
I’m A rawkstar!!

I love my new smoothie book!! The recipes are simple and so healthy!! I’m trying to shed a few pounds and hoping a smoothie a day will help!!
I also ordered the straws which are great when drinking my smoothie!! Luv the brush to clean them!!