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Single Subscription Kit
Roberta Reardon (New Market, US)
Coffee power!

I don't usually have breakfast but I always have one 12 oz cup of caffeinated coffee (brewed strong) every morning. When I learned about Simple Green Smoothie powder, I decided to make that cup of coffee extra special by adding a tablespoon (or more!) of protein smoothie boost, collagen powder, grass-fed creamer and non-sugar vanilla whey protein powder. I use a high-speed blender et cup of coffee ever! It has made a noticeable difference in my a.m. energy level.
You have my gratitude for feeling great at 74. :)

Summer Cleanse
Customer (Geelong, AU)
7 Day Summer Cleanse

I Loved doing the 7 day Summer Cleanse, the recipes are delicious, and easy to make, and gave me more energy, I also lost a few kg. The support network is great helps keep you honest, and i loved seeing everyone's photos.

Summer Cleanse
Kelly Klukowski (Daytona Beach, US)
Feeling lighter and clean!

The summer cleanse was an amazing 7 day experience with delicious recipes. The first couple of days was hard to leave caffeine behind but it was totally worth it. I love feeling less bloated with great natural energy. The support group was uplighting and it was so cool cleansing with other people.

Summer Cleanse
Sally Jo Blair (Norman, US)
Cleanse Joy

My hubby and I enjoyed every sip and bite of the summer cleanse. It was fun to prep and eat together, and share the new found energy with our granddaughters.

Summer Cleanse
Eva McGuire (Richmond, US)

The cleanse week was amazing. The smoothies, snacks and meals were delicious. I was never hungry and some days the snacks were not necessary. Unlike some cleanses, you ate real food. I lost weight, have more energy and feel amazing. Would recommend and will do again.

Summer Cleanse
A. (Phoenix, US)
Summer Cleanse 2022

The Simple Green Smoothie Summer Cleanse was a easy to prepare for and follow until the end. The variety of flavors on the menu were satisfying and delicious! My husband and two teens enjoyed the meals and I simply added sides to provide what they needed to fuel up with. I enjoyed all the recipes and found several new favorites. Thank you and look forward to future cleanses!

10-Day Challenge Book
Grace (The Bronx, US)
Fun and colourful

Easy to follow loved the layout and the smoothie’s taste soo good .

10-Day Smoothie Challenge
Diane Addabbo & Vitus Weber
Ok, no *really*, they ARE delicious, and *not* only to hippy-dippy Granolas!

So I'm a wannabe healthy eater... I've attended 5-day workshops on eating WF/PB and purchased the Forks Over Knives book and meal planner... and I just couldn't get any traction. Many of the recipes were tasty enough, but it was incredibly restrictive without the fat.
Every expert has an opinion that they are sure is the Holy Grail FOR EVERY BODY... but if you cannot implement it without a death-scare illness, it doesn't matter much does it?
My spouse is a card-carrying meat-eating beer-drinking displaced Bavarian citizen.
We've both been struggling with unhappy belly issues, but his-- pure Alpine dairy and non GMO wheat and generally significantly *cleaner* food for the 1st 26yrs of life-- immune system and gut health are VASTLY different than my 70s->80s American hormone & antibiotic & preservative laden gut dysbiosis for life.

I fell off the wagon HARD, and FAR... from disorganization, some wicked ADD and a busy life running my own practice.

I needed to detox and try again to eat delicious healthy food, and I needed a vivid road map.

Without my request or prompting, he decided to join me on this journey of clean eating and detoxing...
We missed the boat joining others for the 21 Day Spring Cleanse, but it's never too late. Except for Asparagus- its all kinds of woody by May/June. We started it on our own. We don't use Facebook, and gladly, didn't really need it. We had SO much food from doubling the recipes (meant for 1 person), that it extended to 28 days and we fed friends.
Telling people we were not eating sugar, dairy, wheat, caffeine, alcohol and most grains produced HORRIFIED facial expressions and pity. We tried to tell them- "IT ACTUALLY WASN'T A HARDSHIP!"
It had a steep learning curve the first 3 days and then we found our rhythm. It didn't feel good, we detoxed pretty hard- rashes, pins & needles, fog, very low energy... but the tastiness and knowledge that our bodies NEEDED the clean-out kept us going.
Coming to the end, we weren't sure if we wanted to do the online meal planner yet and had many discussions and fears around "regular food re-entry."
ENTER: The 10-Day Challenge...


We LOVED all of them. I'm more of a savory craver, he's the hummingbird sugar craver. The smoothies made it easy to keep going (tho I truly wish there were *many* more savory options!) Our energy is returning and we are excited, empowered, and finally found our way in to committing to truly eating healthier without sacrificing our love affair with food. This a HUGELY BIG DEAL. Your passion invited my spouse to deeply re-think his ways of eating and how he's feeling. I always hoped we'd find a place to meet towards this end, but WOW- 21-Days + a 10Day soft landing and BOOM! Here we are- more committed and joined together on this effort than I could have EVER DREAMED was possible.
I particularly liked the Orange Julius, it was a childhood favorite treat at the mall, and this rendition was joyful. EVEN though my smoking Bullet Blender didn't quite make them smooooth they way people rave about the VItamixes. That's a big ticket item and we will be delighted to sell and donate some unused kitchen stuff to make room and bring in the glorious Vitamix.

Thank you to my friend Nicole French in ME who turned me on to Simple Green Smoothies, and especially to Jen, for your mission. We know we'll be leaning deeply into your SGS recipe guides and books.

I meant to take a pic of both of us in the morning before we ran out the door, but that is chaos time.

10-Day Smoothie Challenge
Darci Jurgens
Rawking my Mornings 💕

Amazing recipes. I believe I have loved them all. Cinnamon Date smoothie and classic Strawberry smoothie

I’ve been adding spinach, avocados, oats to my smoothies for a while. I have never added oranges or dates. I found them refreshing and will definitely add to my list of go to’s and share them with my friends.

10-Day Smoothie Challenge
Bobbi Jo Williams

Drinking a smoothie everyday is a total win! And the chocolate one/s are my favorite!

10-Day Smoothie Challenge
Gerald Tout
When the Smoothie is Gone

Orange Julius - very refreshing on a very hot day.

10-Day Smoothie Challenge
Thank you!

Always love these challenges and making new smoothies!!

10-Day Smoothie Challenge
Mickey Cunningham

My win is that the smoothie challenge makes me feel like I am doing something for me and my health! My favorite recipe was the Chocolate Protein Shake. I am a chocolate lover so naturally it would be my favorite! It was rich and creamy with the added ice. I like the protein boost because sometimes on the days when I don't eat meat, I struggle with getting all my protein in. This smoothie would help with that. Love these challenges!

10-Day Smoothie Challenge
Catherine Teran
Family Fun!

My kids and I loved trying each different recipe every day. We are split on our favorites. Mine was the Watermelon smoothie, I loved the addition of the cherry and lime. My son like the blueberry the best - he is a huge blueberry fan. My daughter liked the tropical smoothie bowl the best - she was at first concerned about the orange color, but turned out to love the orange flavor (she had thought it was from carrot).

10-Day Smoothie Challenge
Annie Lingo
Summer Adventure

The last 10 days have been an adventure. I love smoothies, but usually stick with basic ingredients. This challenge made me step outside my comfort zone and try some new ingredients. My favorite recipe was the Orange Julius. It was so refreshing and flavorful!

10-Day Smoothie Challenge
Teresa D.
Keeping Healthy While On the Run

I have been teetering at the same weight for a couple of weeks and returning to adding smoothies to my daily routine has finally pushed the scale in the right direction. I don’t know why I had stopped! I am always on the run and need quick easy “meals” and snacks to keep me fueled. Smoothies are really the perfect meal/snack because they are so portable, filling and above all yummy. While not all the smoothies were my favorite, I loved that they got me out of my comfort zone in terms of the different types of smoothies you can make. Also, I was able to see how I can adjust the recipes that weren’t my favorite to be more to my liking. I especially loved some of the tips from fellow challenge participants in terms of improving some of the smoothies. My favorite smoothie was the Watermelon Smoothie! It was such a wonderful, refreshing and satisfying treat at the end of the day when I was craving something sweet, but wanted to keep it healthy.

10-Day Smoothie Challenge
Elizabeth Sprada
Absolutely Amazing!!

I am so obsessed and happy that I did this!! This challenge didn’t just help me by resetting my taste palate to crave new foods in smoothies and bowls but; made me better at creating smoothies and bowls! Amazing recipes and inspirations!! I can’t wait to do another challenge ajd continue my journey of complete liquid fruit fasting!!!

10-Day Smoothie Challenge
Magdalena Montiel
Mmmm, refreshing pineapple mintiness

I love all of them. The one I liked most was the Pineapple Mint; very refreshing.
It's incredible how a smoothie is so satisfying. I didn't get hungry during the day
I almost forgot about lunch.
Sorry, no picture with a smoothie run out of spinach.

10-Day Smoothie Challenge
Michelle Vanasse
Operation: Smoothie Challenge!

This challenge has been so much fun with getting me out of my smoothie rut and comfort zone. This was a wonderful way for my mother, who has a swallowing disorder, get more fruits and greens in her diet. Plus it's been great to see all the posts and support in the Facebook group. Our favorite recipes were the Chocolate Protein smoothie and the popsicles! (The dog especially loved those!)

10-Day Smoothie Challenge
Meg Wrysinski
Great, supportive community!

Recipes are easy and delicious which is my big win! The best smoothie was saved for last IMO! Gotta love a choc protein smoothing when you’re craving some chocolate! The recipe allows you to customize it to your preferences and what you may or may not have on hand, which it something I needed since I didn’t plan ahead for this challenge like usual. I really have found all of SGS recipient to taste great! (Pictured is one of my favorite homegrown ingredients-spinach!)

10-Day Smoothie Challenge
Ann Budrean
Fun in the Sun Smoothie Tastings

Started Smoothie challenge w/previous practice but learned that some fruits better than others. Watermelon can be overpowering! Strawberries and cherries always cheer me up! Greens within don’t really taste in a smoothie! Bonus: I got to my goal weight, again, by using a protein packed smoothie per day, instead of a meal. That made me 😃 smile 😀

10-Day Smoothie Challenge
Jack Julius
Everything But The Kitchen Sink Smoothie Challenge

Love this challenge! It covered all bases of challenges with making smoothies which was great! It tantalized the taste buds and the senses! There were a lot of good ones! It was a hard race between the Chocolate Smoothie, strawberry ice-pops and the tropical Smoothie Bowl. Technically even though it wasn’t really a smoothie (drinkable), the smoothie bowl was my favorite. Because it had a lot of moving parts and took more time to enjoy, more flavor profile added to it, lots of crunchies with the homemade granola and it was delicious. I shared this with my wife and she loved it! So my winner is the tropical smoothie bowl!

10-Day Smoothie Challenge
Phyllis Lipford
Summer Bursts of Flavor

Wow! I loved all the smoothies!
My WIN is I ‘shopped!’, blended and enjoyed them all. My favorite would have to be the Blueberry Spinach Smoothie! It was refreshing, tasty and pretty too 😆
I really enjoyed the ease of this challenge and the variety of recipes (not all green, although that’s great too). Oh, the Tropical a smoothie Bowl was a 😋 WIN also!
TY Jen & Team💚

10-Day Smoothie Challenge
Martha Stepnowski
Give Me Those Twirling Fruit Combos

I did not make all smoothies on the right days, but i had a fab experience trying all these delicious drinks and bowls and pops. The key to all of this is trying unique flavor combos and cheering on other participants for their personal revelations and small personal discoveries. Yes, my favorite, the date and cinnamon smoothie, was easy to add to if i was feeling guilty about a smoothie with no veggies in it. But it had so much depth with that sweet date and cinnamon punch. Step up, and be your own smoothie master! And such fun creating smoothie photos that reflect how i felt about my “drink of the day”! The real foods that twirled in all our blenders and the rainbow colors we added to our daily food journeys were the magnets that brought me back each day to see what other people had to say about our common experience in newly-found, fruit variations. I loved the recipes and the sharing! Thank you!

10-Day Smoothie Challenge
Janice Chandler
Loved this challenge!!! Recipes are very flavorful…

I have enjoyed all of them! What stands out???
Well, the pineapple mint, tropical smoothie bowl and the chocolate protein shake for me.

I have enjoyed the variety and the fact you can change them up with ingredients you have on hand.

All in all, loved this challenge and encouragement to dry different flavors.

Yummy and nutritious, a win!!!!