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The 30-Day Smoothie Challenge
Marlene Miramontes
Awesome Week

I been liking making and drinking smoothies for breakfast. I find it that the smoothies filled me up and I don’t feel hungry.

Do you wanna be a RAWKSTAR?

This protein smoothie boost is EVERYTHING Jen Hansard & co. worked hard to ensure it would be! Smooth, mixes well, only 3!, all natural, organic ingredients. Rawkstar perfection!

Loving the cleanse kit!

I used the cookbook constantly and the jar and straws too. I’m loving the cleanse—on Day 5 today. I haven’t been hungry and the recipes are great and so tasty!

Protein Starter Kit
Christine Kohler
Simple Green Protein Stsrter Kit

If you have been thinking of investing in this protein starter kit, I give it a 5 stars ⭐️! This product has no after taste & blends right in to whatever you are making. The starter kit includes 2 containers of the product, a beautiful measuring scoop & a recipe book. Everything you need to get started! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Love love love the smoothies haven't tried any of the recipes in the meal book yet but they also look amazing. Thank you!

Great product!!!

Mixed easily!!! Works well with flavors I like, very pleased!!!

It’s the best

After trying many many protein powders and looking for the cleanest simplest one, I finally found Simple Green Smoothies. Thank you for making this! Pea protein makes me feel bloated and I don’t like whey and then there are those with so many additional ingredients. This is truly perfect.

Protein Smoothie Boost
Karmine Jumaz

Protein is fine but, the smoothie have a high amount of sugar inmost of the boost.
Low sugar smoothie would be better the same staying power of endurance..

Summer Cleanse Kit

Am currently participating in the cleanse (today is the first day). So far, so good! Didn't even miss my morning diet pop! The Thrive guidebook is comprehensive and provides you with all the information you need to be successful (meal plan, recipes, shopping list and prep tips) for your 7-day reset!

Rawkstar T-shirt

Love the t-shirt (soft, comfortable, great quality and fit). I wear it proudly- like a Rawkstar!

Protein Starter Kit

Great and healthy way to incorporate protein into smoothies! Love that it's a clean product, sufficient amount of protein and that it doesn't take away from smoothie flavors. The recipe book and measuring spoon are perfect accompaniments to the starter kit!


Excellent cookbooks for those interested in a plant-based diet! Recipes are easy to follows and delicious! Recipe pictures are beautiful, inclined to make smoothies and meals as a result!

Eco Smoothie Cup
Sylvia Q.
Eco Smoothie Cup

Love the mason jar, am inspired by the words reflected on the jar. Also love the bamboo and metal lids and straws!

Protein Starter Kit
Linda Miller
Easy breezy protein

I love the recipe book it really helps me get creative. I’m getting the hang of it now. The protein is good and has no off flavoring. Mixers well with any ingredient

Simple Green Smoothies

Love the simple recipes and encouraging pictures!!

Protein Smoothie Boost
Gwyneth Lester

Protein Smoothie Boost

Simple Green Smoothies (autographed)

Protein Smoothie Boost
Sandra Gillum
love it

i'm glad i decided to try this...i don't like most protein powders but this one is flavorless and doesn't interfere with the taste of whatever you put it in. i like the ingredients...i like to know what i am ingesting. i will repurchase.

NEW! Rawkstar T-Shirts
Sarah Jackson
I am a rawkstar!

I love wearing shirts that mean something to me— and this is exactly that. People ask all the time what it means and I love explaining it. My fav way to wear it is with the sleeves rolled up 2 times— it's super stylish. :)

cute t-shirt

This was a gift for my friend and it looks so cute on her! She loves it. She started a garden with lots of leafy greens and she drinks smoothies, so this t-shirt was a no brainer for her :)

Best protein powder ever!

I love this yummy protein powder, it’s not sweet, it’s healthy and full of protein which is good to know since I’m vegetarian.
Thanks Simple Green! I very much appreciate all your hard work to bring us a healthy lifestyle

Mason Jar Lids

Not only are they cute but very handy to use.

Protein Smoothie Boost
Kimberly Zimmanck

Protein Smoothie Boost

Gluten Free Love

Although the Nima is not liked by all, it is my trusty, little friend! The protein powder ingredients are all Gluten Free -but, just to be save in regards to contamination, I wanted to test to see, and soooo happy to get a :-) which means no gluten found. Love everything about Simple Green Smoothies...especially the smoothie challenges & 15 day cleanse...and now the protein! You truly Rawk, Simple Green Smoothies!

Exclusive Mason Jars
Patricia Bowman
Such Cuteness

It's so fun drinking my daily green smoothie from these jars. My only complaint is they need to be bigger - LOL! I sometimes get carried away with my ingredients. if you follow the recipes exactly they will fit fine.