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I use this lid daily

I use this lid daily with my smoothie. I love that it fits on any regular mouth mason jar, so I can put it on a smaller size if I'm doing a snack smoothie. Fits the stainless straws perfectly.

In LOVE with my new bottle!

I can't say enough good things about this bottle. It keeps my smoothies cold and my coffee hot. I love the sleek design and the size is perfect for grab-and-go!

Nothing out there like it— RAWESOME!

I've wanted a cute thermos to keep my smoothies cold and my soups + coffee hot while traveling. Yet finding one that was cute, fit in the cup holder and actually insulated everything wasn't as easy as I thought. So I created it and made it exactly what I always dreamed of. It includes a straining cap which is awesome for fruit infused waters or herbal teas. The straight walls make it easy for my brush cleaner to clean the sides (important for smoothies and soups). I used it this summer on my national park trips and now I can't imagine NOT having it!

Gluten Free Love

Although the Nima is not liked by all, it is my trusty, little friend! The protein powder ingredients are all Gluten Free -but, just to be save in regards to contamination, I wanted to test to see, and soooo happy to get a :-) which means no gluten found. Love everything about Simple Green Smoothies...especially the smoothie challenges & 15 day cleanse...and now the protein! You truly Rawk, Simple Green Smoothies!

From a heart of gratitude

The Spring Cleanse Kit has been more than I imagined! The quality of recipes, depth of knowledge that is shared is amazing. Having the meal plan and shopping list has made this a literal God send. My husband enjoyed the wonderful meals alongside me. I was completely satisfied and was amazed that the cravings for unhealthy foods just wasn’t there as these meals and snacks really were so delicious and gave my body what it really needed nutritionally. Thank you so much!!

Spring Cleanse Kit
Erica Gibson
Eyes (and mouth) wide open

This cleanse was a great experience for me. I learned to prepare vegetables in ways I never thought of before and really enjoyed the new combinations. I liked the fact that everything was planned out from day to day meals, grocery lists, and prep work suggestions while also allowing for flexibility within each week. I feel having an exact plan makes this easier to follow and the flexibility of moving meals around or doubling up on a meal you like keeps you more motivated to stay with it. Would 100% do it again!

Spring Cleanse Kit
Becky Bronson

This cleanse should get a 10-star review! I loved not having to worry about any meal planning for 3 weeks. The idea of simply "following the plan" really worked for me. Thanks to Jen and everyone else who helped put this together. You all rock!!!!

Spring Cleanse Kit
Janae Fletcher
Just What I Needed

This cleanse was just what I needed! I got back to the simplicity of whole foods and the significant impact they have on my health and feeling of vitality. Thank you so much or the recipes, support and ideas when the struggles were real. I feel reset and ready to explore more options of healthy eating to support a life I love waking up to. Thank you again. I am completely grateful. ~Janae

Huge Success!!

The Fresh Start Cleanse was exactly what I needed!! I’ve been dealing with chronic, daily, sometimes unbearable, pain since 2007 and joint pain in my hips, knees, and ankles for 32 years, on top of fighting horrible social anxiety my entire life. I had gained “happy” weight over the last 8 months that I just didn’t have the energy to lose. I’m a OR travel nurse, so I’m on my feet most days and average 10k steps. I would go to work exhausted and leave work even more exhausted. With the cleanse, I have new found energy that I have not experienced in 25 years! I’m jogging or walking about 2 miles at least a couple of times a week now. I’m down 10#. I still struggle with some chronic pain, but most days it is no where near the frequency and intensity it was before the cleanse! I’ll keep trying to eat gluten-, dairy-, and processed food-free. Thank you for having this cleanse available and for the support and encouragement along the way!!

Rawking Fresh Start 21

An easy way to reset your body. After a year of drinking and mindless eating, it was time to get real! Fresh Start 21 works! Why? Because you are never hungry, every single meal and snack is layout out for you, easy to follow shopping list, and most importantly, Facebook and weekly zoom meeting support. A must for all seasons!

Tasty Protein Smoothie Boost- Yeah!

I received my first order of the Simple Green Protein power and the the handy scoop (really sturdy and attractive). Could hardly wait to see if in fact this mix is not gritty, as advertised. Well - this from experience.. it’s wonderful!! Smoothie recipes incorporates this superfood into some delicious creations, and it’s good for you. All as advertised, plant based goodness. Thank you and go fellow ‘rawkstars’. Amen

Use daily, great quality

I use my wide mouth lids daily and love them. Easy to clean, durable, and cute. I rub lightly with food grade oil after every couple washes

Protein Smoothie Boost
Jimmye Porter
Protein smoothie blend

The boost added to my daily smoothies becomes a meal, keeping me full and satisfied.

Protein Smoothie Boost
Danyell Deshields
Simple green protein plant powder boost smoothie

Good morning wow other my favorites best frozen banana oatmeal coconut milk cinnamon with simple green protein plant powder healthy yummy 😍 ❤️😍

My honey and I are

My honey and I are did the cleanse together. I didn't expect him to be so into this! It's so nice to have an accountable partner during the process.

The thing we both have raved about during this process is how incredibly flavorful the meals are! When we started this cleanse, the thought of no meat, no dairy, no caffeine, no gluten and no alcohol (what?!) sounded boring and restrictive. But it has been quite the opposite. We feel full and have thoroughly enjoyed all of meals.

We feel lighter (10 pounds each!), healthier, and full of energy!!

Autumn Cleanse Kit
Sheila K.
There were only a couple

There were only a couple of days that I actually was hungry. I only struggled with certain recipes...tried them but just couldn't get past - I'm not a beet lover so had to swap out.

Autumn Cleanse Kit
This cleanse was awesome. All

This cleanse was awesome. All the recipes were easy to make and Surprisingly delicious! I’m nearing the end of my 21 days and I am convinced I want to continue to make the morning tonic, smoothies, snacks, most lunches and dinners and the almond milk daily. I feel great, have more energy and have lost 7lbs! I still want to lose a bit more so I’ll will be going past the 21 days. Highly recommend this cleanse as the creators Jen and the gals are so great and supportive throughout the process answering emails, questions, Having fb chats and having zoom calls available.

Sometimes you need a reset

Sometimes you need a reset in life. This cleanse helped develop healthy habits, provided amazing recipes, and offered amazing support. So many yummy things but my favorite was the chili from week 1!

Autumn Cleanse Kit
Stacey B.
The Fall 21 Day Cleanse

The Fall 21 Day Cleanse was challenging but awesome. Week one is tough, week 2 tougher, week 3 tough but the meals are full of flavor and I was introduced to foods I had never eaten before. I did not loose weight like many others did but I feel great. I have energy, my skin is clear, and I just feel better. I will definitely be adding many of the recipe's to my rotation. The FB group was extremely supportive and I learned a lot from all the others doing the cleanse. Tips and tricks a plenty. This was a great experience and look forward to join in on the other cleanses and challenges. The entire RAWK staff are supportive and always there to answer questions, make suggestions, and just give you the little bit of cheerleading you may need.

The recipes are delish and

The recipes are delish and I never felt deprived of food! In fact, I always had leftovers, which made my busy life easier to manage; my time in the kitchen feed me lunch/dinner for a couple days. I’m so grateful to have kicked my processed food and refined sugar habit. I have no desire to go back. My confidence in cooking has increased tenfold! I’m cooking veggies and eating foods is never given a second thought to. Boy, I was missing out! This program, and the support given through the process is priceless. I’m excited to be a part of this community. I’ve learned a lot in three short weeks! I tell all my family and friends about it! It’s the best gift you’ll give yourself! Don’t the book, buy into the lifestyle!

Loved the cleanse. All of

Loved the cleanse. All of the recipes were delicious (even when I wasn’t expecting them to be:joy:) and the recipes were easy to follow. Adding photos of some of my favorites.

My health is improving and biological age is decreasing!

I use a whoop strap to track my health and fitness. My recovery trend since starting to have these awesome green smoothies had been going up in the green! I don't think I've ever had so many green recovery days in a row. This is my new normal and getting greener every day despite not working out at all this week due to an injury. I'm seriously amazed. These smoothies aren't too sweet like most smoothies and really focus on getting the green without too many sugars. I love them. Getting those extra polyphenols in every day is really making an improvement on my health that I can see in real time!

It’s great!

Love the creations of smoothies and it’s a great addition to my healthy life choices and library

Easy, fun, and nourishing recipes. Just what the doctor ordered.

I always love Jen's recipes but this book is above and beyond! So many great ideas. As a naturopathic physician I tend to recommend higher protein dishes for my patients (and we eat this way as well.) These recipes are still perfect for us as we can just add an extra protein side or pop some on top.

Everything we've tried was quick, easy, kid and parent friendly, and absolutely delicious. I even picked up some extra copies for the office!

Simple Green Meals (autographed)
Marilynn S. Hession
Real Food that RAWKS!!!!

I LOOOOOOOVE my new recipe book! The pictures are gorgeous, the food is not only way beyond's totally healthy too! You can't go wrong with these recipes and this lifestyle. Thank you, thank you....did I say thank you? Jen, for all your hard work in putting this together and doing it so beautifully!