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Double Subscription Kit
Lisa Callahan

It’s great

10-Day Challenge Book
Dale Stadnyk

Originally bought this book for the smoothie challenge but am very excited to try all the recipes including an excellent variety of soups and salads!

10-Day Challenge Book
Jodi Velasco
Fabulous recipes!

I love the 10-day challenges, from smoothies to salads to soups. These are excellent, delicious, simple, and healthy recipes.

Go Green, Get Lean!

I truly enjoyed the 10-Day Smoothie Challenge! Every smoothie was delicious and filling. Each smoothie was full of nutrients and vitamins that the body needed. I also purchased both of the autographed books "Simple Green Smoothies" and the "Simple Green Meals". I am looking forward to continuing this journey of living green and healthy. Thank you so much for this great start of living green and healthy.

10 Day - Challenge Book

I love the 10 Day - Challenge Book. It’s the perfect size and covers all four seasons. It has fabulous smoothie, soup and salad recipes with beautiful pictures and a great index with pictures to help you find any recipe quick & easy.

10-Day Challenge Book
Jeffrey Krone

10-Day Challenge Book

10-Day Challenge Book
Patricia Monarrez

Easy to read and follow

10-Day Challenge Book
Christina Migielicz
Love the 10-Day Challenge Book!

So convenient to have all the challenges & recipes in one place. Gorgeous pictures and delicious recipes!

Great book

I like having the Winter Cleanse recipes in a book form. Everything is laid out in manner that makes finding the recipes, grocery list and meal plan quick and easy to find.

10-Day Challenge Book
Elizabeth Gomez

10-Day Challenge Book

Supports success in the 10 day challenges

I use the digital version as well at certain times. However, I like having a book in my hands for reference. Also, the text and photos help me plan my next steps. The book is never out of sight, out of mind like digital can be.

10-Day Challenge Book
becky tarditi
these smoothies RAWK!

I'm on day 8 of the 10-day smoothie challenge (winter) and every single smoothie is a winner! I did follow the suggestion and did shopping for the ingredients i would need. That was easy for me because we own (ahem!) a health food market. I even made the cashew milk (easy-peasy!) Do yourself a favor and get this book!

10 day challenges

I love this book. All the challenges in one place! It makes it easy to plan. very colorful pictures as well.

Love the book!

Having a printed copy of this cleanse is soooo handy. I would much rather have a book over a PDF!!

10-Day Challenge Book
Denise Degregorio
Handy reference

The 10-Day Challenge book is awesome for those of us that hate scrolling through pdf files to get to a recipe.

10-Day Challenge Book
Deborah Grace
10 Day Challenge Book

This book is so helpful. Love the beautiful photos and recipes.


I love the recipes. Easy to do and adapt.

10-Day Challenge Book
Beverly Doucette
Great Book!

This is yet another great Jen Hansard book! The photos are visually inspiring to get you into making these delicious recipes. I’m just wrapping up the 10 Day Smoothie Challenge and I’m super excited for the Soup and Salad ones later this year. This book is a wonderful resource for healthy, balanced, plant based eating.

10-Day Challenge Book
Elizabeth Touhey
Flavorful and colorful book

This book is aesthetically beautiful. It’s also detailed and incredibly helpful. I’m not a cook, yet the instructions in the book makes it easy to make the recipes. This book makes me want to cook. It sits in the front of all my cook books (the ones I don’t use). I won’t loan it out to friends, it’s too precious. They can look at it, but they can’t take it. 🤪🤪.

Eco Smoothie Cup
Ashley Shepherd

Eco Smoothie Cup

10-Day Challenge Book
Kathleen Lee

beautiful pictures, simple to follow.....a nice little book

Protein Smoothie Boost
Martha Prestin
Protein power that isn’t overpowering

I have been enjoying the plant based protein powder in my smoothies. It blends nicely and doesn’t overpower the fresh fruit goodness.

The SPARK I needed for Inspiration and motivation!

I have LOVED everything from Jen! I started with her 21 day fall program which was amazing! I felt great, had energy, slept like a rockstar and LOVED her recipes so much that I am still making a smoothie every morning and continue to make her recipes. It’s a game changer -so I bought her smoothie book and her other recipe book. I can’t get enough. The books are beautiful and well thought out with grocery lists and pictures. I finally love cooking again!

This book is fabulous!

Thanks so much for this 10-day challenge book! I LOVE having all the recipes in one place. I did the summer smoothie challenge and the fall soup one and am now doing the winter smoothie one. Feeling phenomenal!

Everything looks amazing!

Just from my first look, all the recipes look wonderful. I can’t wait to dive in and try them all!