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Simple Green Meals (autographed)

Simple Green Meals is all about eating more plants...however and whenever you can. With tips on meal prep, shopping advice and 100+ plant-based recipes from quinoa corn muffins to veggie enchilada stacks and cauliflower buffalo wings, you’ll gain a new appreciation for fresh, veggie forward recipes for your body and your mind.

Published by Rodale/Random House

Customer Reviews

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Ashley Phoenix
The SPARK I needed for Inspiration and motivation!

I have LOVED everything from Jen! I started with her 21 day fall program which was amazing! I felt great, had energy, slept like a rockstar and LOVED her recipes so much that I am still making a smoothie every morning and continue to make her recipes. It’s a game changer -so I bought her smoothie book and her other recipe book. I can’t get enough. The books are beautiful and well thought out with grocery lists and pictures. I finally love cooking again!

Kathleen Young
Simple Green Meals is awesome!

Easy to follow recipes. Good information about nutrition and excellent photos!

Joni Cave
My heart smiles🥰

Wonderful book to create more than just plain grain and veggies. Create flavorful heart healthy meals and watch your cholesterol numbers drop! Seriously!

Donna Fletcher

I really enjoy the different dishes and all the many flavourful spices and greens used
These have become my many days recipies
I feel so much more energy from eating this way
Such variety you can cook something different every day

Rebecca Braun
Getting greener every day!

This book is beautiful in so many ways and every time I turn another page I want to try that recipe too! It’s the ultimate motivational tool for greener diet changes.

So much fun

I just received this book and it's a pleasure to look at, read and plan meals with. I enjoy the challenge of getting more produce in my diet and this book shows how in the tastiest ways!

Jackie Yancy

I love this book! Recipes are easy to follow and makes your tummy feel soooo good!

Kathleen B.

I use this book All. The. Time. It's totally my go-to for simple and healthy meals with ingredients I usually have on hand. Plus, I love the story background Jen gives before each recipe. It feel like I'm cooking along with her! :) Have to buy another copy because my brother tried to steal mine when I showed it to him!

Michelle G.

I love this cook book! I especially love the layout and the beautiful pictures of EVERY recipe. The directions are clear and precise and make meal prepping a breeze. I've tried several recipes from the website before deciding to purchase a cookbook and I'm extremely happy with it. So much so that I bought it for a friend as well and together we're rawking our journey to better health!

Carol W.

This book is beautiful as well as pack with amazing recipes. I love the photos and leave it laying around on the counter or table because it is so appealing. The food tastes as good as it looks.